You Should Tell Your Daughter This Often

by Muobo
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Too many girls grow up never being told enough how amazing they are; how perfect they are in their strenghts and imperfections, how these flaws make them human, or how their past or looks shouldn’t define who they are or should be.

Due to this, they end up incomplete, constantly needing validation often to feel better. They end up catty, thinking being mean to the next girl or person makes them superior, feared or accepted. They end up in the wrong relationship; with a man who feeds their need for love, so long as it promotes his selfish desires.

You are Beautiful!
Tell your daughter often what an amazing person she is. Let her know that her height, complexion, or weight are just perfect for her. Teach her to love and accept herself; every strength and flaw. Most importantly, teach her that invariably, what truly matters is a good heart and a good one is always, always beautiful.

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