Woman Married to 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Split from Husband

by Muobo
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A 46-year-old Irish lady, Amanda Sparrow Large, recently announced the split from renowned husband, Jack Sparrow.

The mother of four who lives in Belfast, had this to say on why she married the ghost:

“I was really fascinated by Jack Sparrow,” she says. “I could see a lot of my personality in him and a lot of his personality in me.

“My daughter Coral even said, ‘My God you walk like him!’ which I didn’t take as much of a compliment at the time!” she laughs.

Amanda became fascinated by him and sought more information on him. Within a week, she had seen four of his movies on Netflix and this deepened her interest and desire to look a lot more like him.

“Everything he wears has some kind of meaning, from the tattoos to the beads to the bandana, which belonged to his ex-fiance. I had fun sourcing all the authentic stuff from car boot sales and charity shops and altering items so they’d be as much like his as possible.”

Amanda has spent almost $6,000 on her transformation which include the cost £800 for two gold teeth and hopes to add two more to complete the four Jack had, had this to day on her transformation:

“I love them but the only thing is, when you take photograph they look black!” she laughs.

“The biggest commitment to it is the name change, because ultimately everything else you can take off, even the veneers,” she says.

“But the name change is permanent. It had made such a huge difference in my life from teh type of person I would have been before – I won’t say very needy or unconfident – but I didn’t like the way I looked. I never really felt like I was being true to myself.

“Jack gave me the freedom to be who I wanted to be and it has given me great confidence. I love the way I look and I feel really comfortable in myself. This is who I am and it has made a huge difference to how I feel about myself.

“I just said I’m not going to regret this, even if I stop being an impersonator and it doesn’t work out doing it professionally, I will always love Jack Sparrow for giving me my confidence and finding out who I really am.”

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