This is why you shouldn't sleep on your stomach

This is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Your Stomach: 5 Reasons to Stop

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This is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Your Stomach

This is why you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach: sleeping on your stomach might be comfortable, but it does place you st risk of certain health complications.

Quite a number of people love sleeping on my stomach, about 7% of sleepers. To them, sleeping this way is way more comfortable, plus it’s what they’re used to and so find they fall asleep easier and faster in this position.

Also, research has also discovered sleeping on your stomach also eliminates snoring for those who do as well as reduce sleep apnea in its sufferers.

However, while sleeping on your stomach do have it’s advantages, like most things, it also has a few cons and knowing what these are is usually enough to drop or at the very least, adjust this habit for most people.

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While it might be a more comfortable sleep position, research has shown it is unhealthy practice and posses some health risks to you, especially when it’s done over a period of time.

This is why you shouldn't sleep on your stomach
This is why you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach

These are Some of the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Your Stomach

1.It Leaves You Prone to Neck Pain

Research has shown that people who sleep on their stomachs most times have issues with neck pain. This happens because when you sleep this way, you put undue pressure on your neck. Your neck is kept in a position that’s bad for your upper cervical vertebrae.

This sleep position locks this upper vertebrae in a fixed state that leaves you prone to neck pain.

You should know though, that sleeping this way just this one time might not result in the neck pain, but doing so overtime, especially when it becomes a habit, will.

2.Your Back Isn’t Left Out

Your back is also one part of your body that receives unnecessary pressure when you sleep this way.

Sleeping on your stomach causes your backbone to sag inwards and this is what causes severe and constant back aches in stomach sleepers.

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3.You’re at Risk of Osteoarthritis

Another risk of sleeping on your stomach is that it subjects the joints in your neck and upper back to wear and tear quicker.

This also causes the bones to rub against each other and could likely lead to osteoarthritis.

4.Your Internal Organs are Also at Risk

Since your backbone is the heaviest structure in your body, it gravitating downwards when your sleep on your stomach puts your internal organs around that region at risk.

Organs like your stomach, lungs, kidney, and intestines are soft and having the backbone pressed against them is unhealthy.

5.It Has also Been Known to Cause Crib Death

A research conducted a few decades back found that placing babies to sleep on their stomach can and has led to sudden infant death syndrome or crib death where the baby dies in his sleep.

Again, while this is very comfortable for this babies, it was discovered that babies who sleep on their stomachs are 12.9% more likely to suffer crib death.

This is because the baby could likely have his upper airways blocked in that position, leading to him taking insufficient or no oxygen at all.

He’s also likely to re-breath his carbon dioxide, causing a buildup which would be bad for him.

These reasons among others are why parents as well as the general public have been strongly advised by health practitioners to desist from this practice and to instead, practice safer sleeping by sleeping on your back or sides.

This is why you shouldn't sleep on your stomach
This is why you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach

Other Sleeping Positions with Their Benefits

Haven seen the cons of sleeping on your stomach, health practitioners strongly recommend stomach sleepers change their sleep position to their backs or sides.

Here are some pros you’ll get sleeping in your sides:

  • Sleeping this way aids digestion.
  • It brings relief from heartburn and acid reflux.
  • It boosts your circulation.
  • It makes it easier for your brain to eliminate waste.

While sleeping on your side does come with these amazing health benefits, you want to switch between sides as sleeping on just one can put a some pressure on internal organs and lungs, not to mention make that side go numb.

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Here are some pros you’ll get sleeping in your sides:

Sleeping on your back is regarded as the best sleeping position and here are a few reasons why:

  • It gives the best support to your spine and back.
  • Sleeping on your back has been known to relieve sinus problems.
  • It leads to fewer breakouts or wrinkles, since your face and skin would be far from your pillow that gets a lot of dirt, oil and germs from your hair and environment.

How to Change Your Sleep Position

You can actually train yourself to change your sleeping position from your stomach to either your sides or back by following a simple method:

  • Lay flat on your back and place a pillow each closely by your sides with a third tucked under your legs.
  • These pillows serve as a sort of blockade that will keep you from flipping over to your sides or stomach.
  • To make it possible to still roll over to your sides, you want to place the pillows a few meters away from your sides, just enough so you can turn slightly to your sides, but not so much that you can roll all the way to your stomach.
  • Do this every time you have to sleep until sleeping on your back actually becomes a habit.
  • Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately as it most times takes a while before sleeping in your back or sides become a part of you.

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