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“What are We?” Why You Need to Define Your Relationship from the Get-go

by Kamara
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“What are We?” Why You Need to Define Your Relationship from the Get-go

Several years ago, while still in school there was a couple everyone looked up to. They were the very definition of Romeo and Juliet; the stuff romantic movies are made of.

The love between them was palpable and everyone yearned for something close to what they had.

Four years down the line and their storybook romance began to unravel before our very eyes. It started with this couple been seen together lesser and lesser and then we began to see Romeo moving with another girl.

Juliet, not quite sure what was happening, had a sit-down with him to ask why he was pulling away and he gave her a shocking answer; he told her they were just friends and that’s all there’d ever been between them.

You see it turned out there’d never really been an official asking on either part. Neither of them had also made the effort to clear things up between them. They’d move from a good friendship into what Juliet thought was a great love affair. Apparently, she was wrong.

From what me and everyone else who was privy of the relationship deduced, Romeo probably became tired of the relationship and needing an out, deciding to capitalize on that excuse – albeit a ridiculous one.

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We were almost as shocked as Juliet, finding his reason hard to believe, however we had to accept it when it became glaring it really was happening.

There have been several of such incidents and I have witnessed a few more. Some of these were by people no so close to me, nonetheless they were always painful to watch.

Define your relationship
Define your relationship

Reasons Why You Should Define Your Relationship

Defining your relationship is a must for your peace of mind. Doing so will likely save you a lot of headache as there are way too many of such touching stories springing up daily to not do so.

That being said, here are three key reasons why you should define your relationship:

1.So There are No Cases of You Being Used

There are users everywhere; people who wouldn’t mind using you to advance their selfish cause or just to catch some fun.

You can prevent an occurrence like the one above if you both define the relationship from the get-go.

This is not saying it is a guarantee you won’t be hurt, but to a large extent, you can sieve out the wheat from the shaft; reduce the likelihood of being used.

A number of men will have start a relationship with you, have their fill of the relationship sexual-wise and then start to play the ghost.

As soon as you notice things becoming serious between the two of you, then would be a good time to sit your partner down and you both decide where the relationship is headed. You want to find out on time if you are both in for the long haul, willing and ready to see it work or if you are only out for a good time.

You should get things settled before things progress further and your heart and emotions get so entangled, it becomes painful to withdraw.

Define your relationship
Define your relationship

2.You Know Where You Stand at Every Given Time

Defining your relationship early on will also make you know where you stand.

A man and a woman might have very different interests and reasons for going into a relationship. While the woman might be with the man believing she’s found something good, he on the other hand might be in it to while away time or catch some fun, seeing her only as a placeholder until he finds he finds another beautiful girl.

Defining your relationship will let you know if you are on the same page and if you both should continue or go your separate ways.

You will have a much more successful relationship if you both want the same thing as against when one party wants something light and the other party feels cheated several years into the relationship.

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3.You’re Able to Tell When Things Aren’t Going Well

Defining your relationship will also make you see if and when things go south.

You both might have started the relationship on the same page and with the same goals, however, it is very likely for one party to lose interest and start to act up.

Calling your partner’s attention to the change can help put things back in perspective or make you aware if you should stick around or take a long walk.

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