Why men cheat

Why Men Cheat? 8 Reasons Men Give for Cheating

by Kamara
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Why Men Cheat? 8 Reasons Men Give Why They Cheat

“Why do men cheat?” is a million dollar question that a lot of women would love answered. Find out also top reasons why men cheat.

A friend called me up yesterday crying. She’d just caught her man cheating and the worse part was who he’d cheated with; her beautiful niece living with them.

As I listened to her pour her pains out, I was torn between feelings of guilt, sadness and anger at the cheating husband.

You see, I’d seen this coming; all the signs had been there, glaringly so and it was shocking she hadn’t noticed it too.

My friend husband (Jack- not real name) happens to be someone you would call a Lady’s man. He had it all: extremely good looks, money and that broody personality that seems to draw in some women like bees to a jar of honey.

Unfortunately, Jack was too aware of his looks and too eager to use it to his advantage.

While dating my friend, he’d hit on a few friends in our cycle; I could count these ladies on one hand, but I never knew for sure if anything came out of his flirting with them.

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This was where my guilt came from; I’d known about Jack’s philandering lifestyle, but never thought it wise to give my friend a heads up. She was too in love with him and I didn’t have the heart to break her heart. Looking back, I realize telling her would have been a milder heartbreak compared to what she was going through and would still go through, considering Jack didn’t look like he was changing anytime soon.

My friend’s story is not an isolated one. There are women the world over stuck with men who cheat on them, either glaringly or in secret.

Most of these women are beautiful, keep in shape, stay loyal and supportive and still give their all to the relationship, which is why they get devastated when they catch their men cheating.

When I see or hear of these cases, I can’t help but wonder, “why do men cheat? Why do they risk jeopardizing a relationship that seem so happy and promising? Why do they cheat on a woman they claim to love and want to protect?

If you’re a woman who’s also wondering like me, here are some top reasons men give why they cheat on their partner:

Why men cheat
Why men cheat

Top Reasons Why Men Cheat

There are several reasons why men cheat on their partner. This is the opinion of a lot of men why they cheat.

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1.Men Cheat Because Their Partner is Not What She Used to be.

Okay, this might not seem fair, but one of the top reasons men give why they cheat is that they have become bored with their woman.

When there is some drastic change in a woman from what the man is used to, a lot of men say they are tempted to look outside and this pushes them to cheat.
When a woman becomes lazy, fat or abandons her appearance, then most men would start looking out.

Men say they meet a woman who’s hot ( a nine or ten) and then months into the relationship she settles in and lets herself go; becomes fat or fails to really put any effort into looking good. Because men are very visual, they become tempted to look outside and those without a strong self discipline actually do.

2.Men Cheat Because They are Insecure

Why men cheat? Because they are insecure. Most men would cheat on their partner just to test the waters and see if they’ve still got game.

From research, married men are more guilty of this. Haven lived with their partner a while, they feel the need to get some sort of validation they are still relevant from a new chick out there.

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3.Men Cheat For the Thrill of it

A lot of men will cheat because they can and for the thrill of it. The fun of not getting caught is what drives these men.

4.Men Cheat Due to a Negative Experience

A man is more likely to cheat on his partner if he has been cheated on before. Once a man has been cheated on by a woman he trusted and was faithful to he is more likely to cheat on his current partner.

For these set of men, they’ve been so bruised inside, they develop trust issues. He cheats as a kind of defence to keep from getting hurt.

In his reasoning, if he doesn’t put his whole heart into the relationship, then there’s no way he would get hurt.

5.Men Cheat Because They believe They Can Get Away with It

Why men cheat? Because they believe it’s and act they can get away with.

For these men, cheating is a game, one that gets their adrenaline pumping. They will cheat on you if they believe they can get away with it.

To these men, it becomes a game of smartness and keeping one step ahead of you.

Why men cheat
Why men cheat

6.Men Cheat Because They Believe It’s Their Right

In the words of a guy I was once with:

” Men don’t cheat, they are polygamous in nature and are just being true to how they really are. So if a man gets with another girl, he isn’t cheating, he’s just being true to himself.”

These men abound. To them, cheating is a part of their physiological makeup and they shouldn’t be blamed for it.

It takes a lot of time and effort for a man to learn to control his natural sex drive and reaction to the female body.

7.Men Cheat Because They are Selfish

Only selfishness would push a man to cheat on his partner. Sex most times, is more about seeking pleasure and satisfaction and only a selfish man would put himself first this way.

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8.Men Cheat Because You Haven’t Trained Him Not to

A man will cheat on you if you don’t train him not to. In the words of a dear male pal:

” Men are dogs, and just like dogs are trained on the proper way to behave, including when not to eat a meal placed right in front of them, so also do men have to be trained not to sleep with everything is skirts.

” Training a man here comes in two parts: one, keeping him sexually satisfied as best you can and two, not tolerating it when he errs (cheats).

” You have to require faithfulness of him, the way he does of you.

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