Desperate to get married

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Be Desperate to Get Married

by Kamara
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5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Be Desperate to Get Married

Being desperate to get married is not such a bad thing. If anything, it is actually a rite of passage for some women. If your desire is to get married and start a family before a certain age, it is only normal that you feel some sort of pressure when this time elapses without you realizing this goal.

Sadly, society has painted this sort of desperation in unflattering colors, and a woman or man who is desperate to get married is always viewed in a negative light.

When it comes to marriage and desperation, this feeling can be put to good use.

Desperate to get married
A bride and groom with arms entwined

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Here are

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Be Desperate to Get Married

1) It is a Natural Part of Dating

As earlier said, becoming desperate to get married is perfectly natural. What isn’t is the shame most women experience as they try to hide this part of themselves.

When you find yourself getting desperate for marriage, you want to instead embrace this feeling and make it work for you.

2) It Makes You Focused When Selecting

You know how you can get attracted to a man and start a relationship based on the chemistry and butterflies you feel in your stomach?

When you are desperate for marriage, things take a different approach. Instead of working with just these superficial qualities, you become more focused in your selection.

You don’t jump into a relationship with the mindset of:

“Let’s see how it goes.”

You have a goal in mind and a reasonable timeframe to achieve it and this influences every dating decision you make.

With this, you can better scrutinize your dating partners to make better choices. So while the butterflies exist, if this man doesn’t possess the qualities you desire in a mate, or you don’t see him wanting to settle down anytime soon, it’s easier to let go of this attraction.

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3) You Can Take Informed Decisions on Time

With you being desperate for marriage, you aren’t carried away by feelings. While you will settle to enjoying all that your new relationship brings, a part of you is also alert for qualities and traits that might not go down well with you.

A man can go from being loving and attentive one minute to being emotionally unavailable a few months down the line and instead of trying to flog a dead horse, when every sign clearly shows that the ship has sailed, you know to take a decision that’s best for you.A man can go from being loving and attentive one minute to being emotionally unavailable a few months down the line and instead of trying to flog a dead horse, when

akes You Give Your Best to the Relationship

Being desperate to get married also makes you focused. Since you have a goal in mind, it’s easier for you to give your best to the relationship.

The general notion is that a man will settle down only if he is ready to and that no woman can make him do so before time. However, a man is less likely to let a great woman go.

A woman who is strong, smart, thoughtful, and reliable is always attractive and most men would love to keep her.

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5) You Achieve Your Goal Faster

It’s easier to meet a goal when you are focused on it. It becomes everything you can think of and your every action will be geared toward realizing it.

Being desperate to get married puts your every attention on the cultivation of a healthy relationship that is marriage-focused and this is what drives you towards achieving it.

The Cons of Being Desperate to Get Married

While being desperate for marriage can be a good thing, it does have its bad sides.

For one, this desperation can push you into making the wrong choices. For it to serve you, it should be backed with a healthy dose of patience.

You don’t, because you have a timeframe for marriage in your head, grab the first guy that comes your way and hope that he changes into Mr. Right.

This desperation should make you more alert and attentive to details so you can pick a great guy from the crowd while sieving out time-wasters.

Being desperate for marriage could also see you overlooking some obvious red flags.

Certain qualities that are obvious deal-breakers might spring up time and time again, however, because you are desperate, you are willing to sweep these under the carpet in the hopes they miraculously disappear.

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There’s also the fact being desperate to get married leaves you prone to users. While there are many terrific guys out there, there are the douches that will think nothing of using you.

Such men (and every other man) can smell desperation a mile off. The difference here is that the first set of men lookout out for such women to be used as sexual prey.

Hone your desperation and make it work for you and you will find you are aceing in the dating game and are no one’s plaything.

Desperate for marriage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will a man take me seriously if he finds out I am desperate to get married?

A few factors determine how a person views their partner in a relationship, including their intentions for the relationship, how they treat you, and their input towards making the relationship work.

Men know a good woman when they see one and it is unlikely he will treat you with any less respect than you deserve just because he can sense you are slightly desperate to get married.

  • How can I get married as fast as possible?

Sadly, wanting to get married as fast as possible won’t happen just because you want it. This will only happen if you find someone with a similar goal.

You are also likely to get married quickly if it is established that, beyond the love, you both are compatible and get along fine.

  • Why am I so eager to get married?

Being eager to get married is normal and could happen for several reasons including attaining a certain age, having friends around you who are all settled, and coming from a family where people are known to get married on time.

You should know that being eager to get married is perfectly natural, however, if it makes you uncomfortable, then you want to look for proven tips to stop this desperation.

  • What’s the best age to get married?

There isn’t a single agreed notion on the best age to get married. In Islam, it is believed 25 is the best age for a woman to get married while Christians believe you should consider taking this step when you are mentally, financially, and spiritually mature to navigate the life of marriage.

Relationship experts, however, postulate that getting married around 28 to 32 years of age reduces your risks of getting divorced within five years.

  • How long should you date before marriage?

Again, there isn’t an agreed timeframe when it comes to how long you should date before getting married.

Experts put forward that you should focus on getting to know the other, an action that could take one to three years.

  • Do guys get desperate for marriage too?

Like women, men also become desperate to get married and for all the same reasons as a woman. He likely will want to settle down if deep within he feels this is the time to do so or if he suddenly realizes he is the only single guy left in his circle.

  • What are some signs he is desperate for marriage?

Some very common signs a man is desperate for marriage include forgiving serious offenses easily and wanting to take the relationship to the next level pretty quickly.

  • How do you make him commit without asking?

While love is certainly important, men say they gravitate a lot more to where they are likely to find peace and loyalty.

If a man feels quite relaxed around you, can be himself with you, and knows you’ve got his back always, he’s likely to want to commit to you.

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