When a man loves you deeply

When a Man Loves You Deeply He Will Do These Thirteen Things

by Kamara
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When a Man Loves You Deeply He Will Do These Thirteen Things

The start of a relationship is not always the best time to conclude if a man truly loves you and that’s because at this time he’ll be doing everything possible to connect with you emotionally. He will pursue you fiercely; call you almost every day, send you flowers, and do other things that are dear to your heart. At this point, it’s obvious to anyone looking that this guy is seriously into you.

Fast forward to a few months and the frequency of the calls start to slow down. Sometimes, a few days go back without a word from him. When you reach out, he apologizes and tells you he’s been swamped with work.

It would be so easy to conclude this man is no longer in love with you. However, you could be wrong with this judgment.

Men and women are wired differently and while a woman might let her guard down and become a lot more affectionate the more she gets to know and like a guy, a man is likely to act a little differently.

When a man loves you deeply, here are thirteen signs you can expect from him:

When a man loves you deeply
When a man loves you deeply

1) He Makes Time for You

No matter how busy life and work get, the man that loves you always creates time for you.

He might start out by including your own me-time in his schedule, but it’s also not uncommon for this man to rearrange his schedule or cancel plans at the last minute if he sees you need him.

He knows how important the time a couple spends together is and makes this a priority.

2) He Protects You

Men are wired to protect their tribes and when a man loves you deeply, he comes to recognize you as a member of his pack and will go all out to protect you.

Protecting you here might come through small actions like defending you in public or via subtle ways like not openly staring at other women (protecting her emotionally).

He sees you as an integral part of him that he has to protect whenever the need arises.

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3) You Meet the Important People in His Life

A man that loves you deeply would want a more permanent relationship with you. He wants you in his life and isn’t afraid to let the whole world know.

In this light, he takes you to meet his family, friends, and any other person who holds an important position in his life.

He sees a future with you and isn’t afraid to take the steps to make this happen.

4) Your Relationship is Not Primarily About Sex

Not denying that sex is an important part of any relationship, but when a man loves you deeply, sex is only a portion of your relationship, and not what you’re entire relationship is based on.

It exists not just for pleasure, but to make you both bond on a deeper level, and he appreciated this.

When a man loves you deeply
When a man loves you deeply

5) He Genuinely Cares About Even the Little Things

This man cares about the things that concern you. He asks about your life and remembers even the little things.

6) He Wants toe Relationship to Work Out as Much as You Do

So, you aren’t the only one doing things to make this relationship work out.

He cares about you as much as you do him and is willing to also make compromises and even sacrifices to see you both continue to stay an item.

Compromises here might be in the form of him changing habits that, while they aren’t so bad, might not be healthy to the relationship. You will notice him being willing to change without being nagged to do so.

He’s not just willing to fight for your love, but your happiness too.

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7) He Treats You With Respect

He treats you with respect all the time. He shows this by respecting your opinions and decisions.

He appreciates the advice you give him, even if he doesn’t follow all and would never belittle any.

When a man loves you deeply

8) He Supports Your Dream

He remains one of your biggest fans and will encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Beyond encouraging you he might go further to support you financially or make you aware of the existence of opportunities that would help further this dream.

9) He Takes Care of You When You Are Sick

Being with someone when they are healthy is easy, the true test, however, comes when you are sick.

Taking care of a sick person requires dedication and time that only someone who truly cares about you will give

When a man loves you deeply, he subconsciously imbibes the “in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad” love rule. He already sees you as a key part of himself and would be willing to be by your side even at these low times.

10) He’s Got Your Back

Similar to being with you when you are ill, he will be with you still in every other low situation.

He stays still by your side when life throws you a few curveballs, offering you the support you need at this time.

He wants the very best for you and stays by you through thick and thin.

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11) He is Nice to Your “People”

He knows how important your friends and family are to you and would want them to accept him as a part of your life.

He will make the effort to be nice to and befriend these people because you are important to him.

Signs he loves you
Signs he loves you

12) Everyone Can See He Loves You

One of the most telltale signs a man truly loves you is that it becomes glaring to everyone around you.

Your friends can see it and even his friends will treat you with a lot more care because you mean a lot to him.

Even if he’s yet to mention or take you to meet his friends and family, they notice this change in him and would be eager to meet with you.

13) You Feel Safe with Him

You feel safe and secure with him knowing he won’t just protect you when he can, but has also got your back always.

Deep down, you feel assured of his love, even when you turn on a little crazy. You know he’s not just going to up and ghost you just because you show a part of you that’s just might be a bit of a handful.

This man loves you, is willing to give as much as you are putting in and you know it.

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