When a man finishes fast what does it mean

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean (10 Genius Ways to Remedy This)

by Kamara
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When a guy finishes fast what does it mean? Find out why this happens and how you can help your man correct this.

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean (Plus Ten Ways to Remedy This)

Guys love to boast about their prowess and, let’s face it, as women, we love a man who’s got it all together (and then some in the bedroom). There are just so many benefits that come from good sex, including an improved immune system, better sleep, and lower blood pressure.

This is why it can be a bummer watching a man struggle in the bedroom. There are a few issues that could arise in the bedroom and some of them could really make a relationship rocky

When a guy finishes fast what does it mean?

This is one of the most common sexual problems that could come up with your man. If this happens what do you do?

Should you be worried, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence?

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?
When a guy finishes fast what does it mean

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When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?

Here’s are a few reasons why your man might finish too fast

1) It’s Been a While

If it’s been a while since you guys have spent some time in the bedroom, then chances are high your man will finish pretty fast.

Men reach the finish line a lot faster the longer it’s been.

These instances don’t happen too often and are never a cause for alarm. 

You’ll find that things go back to normal as you guys carry on and that the situation requires no external intervention whatsoever.

2) He Might be a Little Inexperienced

On the other hand, your man might be a tad bit inexperienced in bedroom antics, hence his finishing a bit sooner than you would like.

This happens when he doesn’t know how to pace himself or lacks the self-control to do so.

Sex between two couples is never the same and a man who was a pro with one partner might find he become a novice with another. 

It takes a while to discover a woman’s body; what works, what doesn’t and what’s likely to blow her out the window.

A little inexperience never really hurts anyone, especially if you both are willing to take the time to correct this. Seeing the relationship as a new playing field and taking the time to learn these tricks will resolve this situation in no time.

3) You Guys Aren’t Experimenting Enough

Lasting longer in bed can sometimes be a two-way thing. Sometimes, experimenting with sex positions and or gadgets can help you discover simple ways to delay gratification and prolong the moment for you both.

A few sex positions might decrease the pleasure for your man temporarily or change things up, prolonging the moment.

Also, changing the rhythm of the game; alternating the tempo can be all you need to help him last longer. You want to experiment with some of these techniques to find what works for you.

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4) He’s Getting a Lot of Groove from You

Your man might also be finishing too fast because he’s getting a lot of pleasure from you.

This happens if he’s really into you or if you guys are quite sexually compatible.

However, because being denied sexual gratification for long can be frustrating, you would want the situation remedied, even if you feel flattered your man finds you irresistible.

5) Your Man Might be Experiencing Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety could also be making your man finish a little earlier than usual.

Men attach a lot of importance to their sexual performance; a few even tie their identity to how good or otherwise they are.

Consequently, if a man feels he’s not performing up to par, it can make him anxious to correct this and this will further affect his performance.

For instance, if a man performs below expectation a few times and you let on how disappointed you are at his performance, this can make him anxious to do better the next time.

However, instead of improving, his anxiety gets in the way and he performs the same or even worse than recent.

6) Or He Just Might be a Little Selfish

Or you just might have a selfish lover on your hands.

Men and women are truly from different planets, even in the bedroom. While a man can get turned in at the snap of a finger, it sometimes takes a long time for women to do so.

Women require foreplay and some expertise (expertise in the sense that we need a man who knows our bodies and gives them what it wants) to meet the man at the same level.

If your man doesn’t bother with foreplay or doesn’t take the time to discover what works with you then you have a selfish one on your hands.

When a man finishes fast what does it mean
Senior man consoling his angry wife sitting at lakeshore

7) Your Relationship Might be Experiencing Some Conflict

You also might be experiencing a hiccup in the bedroom if your relationship is conflicted. 

All of that tension and pent-up emotions can be transferred to the bedroom and will affect your man in a way that’s not pleasing to you both.

8) Your Man Might be Stressed or Depressed

Stress and depression are two more culprits for a man finishing too fast. 

Several researches have linked stress to premature ejaculation in a few ways. The most common of these is that it affects your mind and body negatively. 

It does so by altering the brain chemistry, signaling the body to go into a state of anxiety, which for men, creates havoc to the ejaculation arc, weakening it.

9) He Has One or More Medical Condition

Your man might also be battling one or more medical conditions.

Health conditions that can cause premature ejaculation include:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Prostatitis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Inflammation or information of the urethra or prostate.
  • Nervous system damage
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Unusually high levels of the neurotransmitter brain chemical

10 An Extra Sensitive Member

If your man has an extra-sensitive penis, then you just might find premature ejaculation a regular occurrence in your relationship.

Like other causes of premature ejaculation, this too can be corrected and is usually not a cause for concern.

11) The novelty of a New Relationship

The excitement of a new relationship can also make a man finish too fast, especially if it’s been a while for him.

He’s really into you and you guys have been building up to this time in the bedroom. All this excitement can make things appear rushed, leading to things finishing prematurely.

Like other temporary causes, you’ll find things settle down to his normal as the relationship progresses. Practice makes perfect and time should resolve this for you guys.

12) Taking Too Much Sugar

While sugar is great for energy, having too much in the bloodstream has also been known to make a man finish too fast.

Here are a few ways sugar affects men:

  • Impairs the gene responsible for regulating the male sex hormone.
  • Lower testosterone levels.
  • Increase stress levels.
A young Mexican-Irish man outdoors taking time to think about his stressful situation and hopefully come up with a solution.

How Finishing Too Fast Affects Men

Most men with premature ejaculation problems will struggle with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, especially if it happens often.

It is important you not show negative emotions like frustration, annoyance, and a judgemental attitude as this will only make a sensitive situation worse.

You want to instead work towards a situation together while assuring your man your notion of him remains unchanged.

Type of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is of two types:

  • Lifelong (primary): This is the more severe type of premature ejaculation and affects more men than is let on. 

Men with primary premature ejaculation find it happens all the time and they’ve had this condition for as long as they can remember.

  • Acquired (secondary): This is the easier of the two to treat and starts suddenly, after you both have had a normal sexual relationship.

Acquired premature ejaculation is likely to be caused by a sudden disruption in your man’s life and resolves just as easily.

How to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

The first step towards helping your man last longer in bed is to assure him your views of him haven’t changed.

Since men tie their identity to their sexual performance, sensing even the slightest bit of negative reaction from you might make him withdraw, giving the problem a different, and definitely not a better solution.

Besides showing him support at this time, here are solutions that are sure to work:

  • Practice pelvic floor exercises. Several researches have found some link between this exercise and an improvement in sexual performance. 

The best part is that this improvement can be fully felt in as quickly as 12 weeks.

  • Treat the underlying health condition. This is usually the toughest solution to adopt however it is no less effective

While it might take a while to diagnose and then get recommended treatment for premature ejaculation, opt in for this, if this is what is required means putting a complete stop to the situation.

However, you should be prepared to bring this issue up a few times since most men are usually embarrassed about it and not too willing to seek out help.

  • Practice the Stop and Start Technique. The stop and start technique is quite effective as it helps your man gain control over his urge to climax. 

Over time this control becomes more grounded and you’ll find he can exert it at a subconscious level.

  • Squeeze the tip of the penis for 30 seconds at interval

Doing this disrupts the pleasure buildup, prolonging the moment for you both. While it can be uncomfortable, especially since it requires stopping at intervals to squeeze, it can be an effective strategy as it helps your man learn control of his urges.

  • Experiment with a desensitizing lubricant. This works great if your man has an extremely sensitive penis.

If the above-mentioned methods fail, then this is sure to work in this situation.

  • Masturbate beforehand

Your man masturbating several hours beforehand can also help.

  • Switch Up Positions

Certain positions work well, especially ones that put you in control.

Positions like girl on top and reverse cowgirl are two of such that will help you control the situation.

You might also try changing regular positions if you notice his pleasure building, allowing him to regulate things.

  • Have Prolonged Foreplay

Having prolonged foreplay can and always does work. This allows you to be on the same page, so things build from there afterward.

  • Remove or Reduce Stress

If stress is responsible for this hiccup, then simply removing the stressors can and will improve things

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean

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Matt April 16, 2022 - 10:25 pm

So true the medical condition is so critical and must be checked well before sex

Kamara April 16, 2022 - 10:47 pm

Yeah, it must. Thankfully, premature wjaculation is one situation that responds well and quickly to remedies.

Prince April 16, 2022 - 11:47 pm

He should also reduce his sugar intake and do more exercise

Kamara April 17, 2022 - 8:26 am

Yeah, I know a few guys who revealed reducing their sugar intake helped them a lot.


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