what not to wear to a wedding

What Not to Wear to a Wedding: 7 Dress You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

by Muobo
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What Not to Wear to a Wedding: 7 Dress You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

What not to wear to a wedding: seven outfits that are complete no-nos

Every woman looks forward to her wedding day, from the moment your relationship takes on a really serious tone, to the moment he pops the question, you start to picture yourself in your dream dress as you walk down the aisle to the love of your life waiting for you at the other end.

In Nigeria here, the day is made all the more beautiful as family, friends and acquaintances travel from far and wide to celebrate with you. There’s joy and laughter all around as family and friends crash at your place, wanting to be really close by to help with the wedding plans and preparation.

That day is your day and everybody knows it, which is why it can be such a pain when some ‘persons’ that should know better decide to taint your fairytale wedding with their weird fashion sense. They turn up at the event wearing clothes that just seem to scream “I couldn’t be bothered looking good for your day” or worse “I must out-shine you today”.

These are people we just dread at our weddings and secretly pray they comply with the wedding dress code so all goes well.

If you’ve ever come across such people at a wedding, or you fear you might be making such a mistake, here are

Seven Outfits You Should Never Wear to a Wedding:

what not to wear to a wedding
what not to wear to a wedding: white

White Dress

Wearing a white dress to a wedding just tops the list of no-nos. Seriously! Now, unless the wedding colour is white, wearing white to a wedding is just a tad insensitive.

You don’t want to come across as trying to upstage the bride, which is how you appearing in a colour reserved solely for the bride would seem.


Casual dressing may be your dressing style for all occasions, but this is one occasion where you might want to bend your rules and opt for something a little more dressy.

Pant Suits

If you are going for a business meeting, then this outfit would totally rock. But as a wedding outfit? Err…..no, please.

what not to wear to a wedding
what not to wear to a wedding: flip-flops


Hmmmm! This just speaks volume at how your dress sense just might need some revamping! Lol.

You might want to save the flip-flops for the beach and other such casual outings and opt for a pair of sandals or an equally more dressy footwear.

what not to wear to a wedding
what not to wear to a wedding: black dress

Black Dress

A little black number is a wise staple for any wardrobe, but this colour just seems to send the wrong kinda vibe when worn to a wedding.

There’s still a lot of mixed reaction as to the appropriateness of wearing black to a wedding. While some believe this colour totally fits in with the occasion, seeing as you can wear a black cocktail dress, others believe black is a somber colour and hence, should be reserved for all such funereal occasions.

If caught in the middle of such confusion, you might want to play it safe and opt for other such darker hues which aren’t regarded as bringing bad luck.

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Wearing Revealing Outfit

There is not much to say about wearing such revealing clothes to a wedding, other than the fact that it would come across as highly inappropriate.

While we ladies love to look our best , especially at weddings (not to take the spotlight from the bride), you don’t want to draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Save this outfit for other such occasions where they wouldn’t stand out much and opt for a more ‘conservative outfit that would fit in with the occasion.

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Wearing sneakers is just as bad as wearing flip-flops. If you want to go casual, then a pair of flat shoes would be a better option to sneakers.

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