Weight loss secrets

Weight Loss Secrets : 4 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

by Muobo
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I tend to pack on the pounds easily, so I’m constantly on the lookout for effective, yet simple ways to lose weight to keep in shape.

Over time I have come to adopt a few that work just fine for my weight maintenance. These tips are so simple and the best part is that get are maintainable, so I don’t get put under undue stress practicing them.

Here are four weight loss secrets you can adopt to lose weight:

4 Proven Weight Loss Secrets to Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss secrets: fruit fast

Weight Loss Secret #1 : Fruit Fast to Lose Weight

A Little About the Fruit Fast

A fruit fast entails going on just fruits for a period of time. You eat just fruits and take water, nothing else for that period.

One beautiful thing about a fruit fast for weight loss is that unlike some fad diets, you will get the required nutrients and vitamins your body needs to function optimally. You also stay sufficiently full which eliminates the temptation of snack on junk.

When going in a fruit fast, you decide how long you want it to be. However, it is recommended you don’t do it for an extended period as there are some nutrients you won’t get from eating fruits alone.

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Some Benefits of the Fruit Fast
You take in less calories with a fruit fast, compared to your regular meal.

To make up for your inadequate caloric intake, your body turns to your fat reserve, which makes you burn the excess fat.

You get a whole rannge of nutrients from the fruits, especially when you include fruits like bananas, watermelons, oranges, pears, avocados, and guavas.

Taking these fruits will also serve to detoxify your system, riding it of toxins.

Taking fruits like watermelons and oranges will keep you hydrated and also moisturize your skin.

Some Reactions You Can Expect with a Fruit Fast

Expect to experience some mild to intense hunger with a fruit fast as these fruits will not be as filling as your regular meals.

However, having this reaction is a good thing as this is when your body turns to your fat reserve, making you lose weight.

A Slightly Offensive Mouth Odour
You may also notice you have a stale to a slightly offensive mouth odour due to the toxins being released in your body.

When this happens, just increase your water intake and it will subside.

Body Weakness
You are loosing muscles and will feel some form of weakness during this time.

However, you will start to regain your strength once you go back to eating your regular meal.

You can decide to do your fruit fast for 1-3 days, or start daily and take one solid meal at the end of each day I’d you feel your strength failing.

Weight loss secrets
Weight loss secrets:portion control

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Weight Loss Secret #2 : Portion Control to Lose Weight

Using portion control as a way to lose weight is effective because you take in less calories than your body is used to or needs and to make up the deficits, your body turns to its fat reserve.

The transition from your normal-sized meal to a smaller one is not always an easy one, but you can make it work by following any of these three tips:

Tips for Portion Control Success

Take a Glass of Water Just Before Your Meal

Take an 8 ounces glass of water just before you settle down to your meal. This will fill up your stomach to some extent, making you eat less.

Use Smaller Plates
When you use bigger plates, you tend to eat more as you’re bond to serve more food. To curtail this, switch to smaller plates as this will make the food look much, even if it isn’t.

Convert Half Your Meals to Veggies
Fill up half your plate with veggies in place of your usual meal. Doing this will make you feel full, without you having to sacrifice on important nutrients your boy needs.

Weight loss secrets
A pair of feet walking

Weight Loss Secret #3 : Walking to Lose Weight

This weight loss secret will be centered on walking to lose weight. Here are some facts you should know about this method of losing weight:

Your weight determines how much calories you burn when you walk. You burn as much as 90 – 100 calories if you are 150 pounds and above and over 60 if you are 120 pounds.

If you walk for 30 minutes 3 – 4 times a week, you maintain your weight. You only start to lose weight when you walk for 45 minutes to an hour.

For every mile you walk, you burn as much as a 100 calories, depending on your sex.

Walking also helps to boost your mood. It makes you brain more receptive to norepinephrine and serotonin, two hormones responsible for happy mood.

How fast you walk also makes you burn calories faster. Walk briskly or go on a power walk and you burn more calories.

Carrying a backpack also makes you burn more calories when you walk.

When you walk, you don’t loose just calories, but also burn belly fat as well.

Here are a Few Ways You Can Walk for Weight Loss

Here are a few ways you can incorporate walking into your life to lose weight:

  • Walk short distances instead of driving or taking the bus.
  • Choose to walk to the supermarket or market near you.
  • Get a friend with a similar goal and partner with them.
  • Join a walking group where you all plan your walking exercises, this way, you all encourage and motivate each other.

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Weight loss secrets
Weight loss secrets

Weight Loss Secret #4: Drink Water Before Each Meal

Okay, this last weight loss tip might seem simple – even too simple to be effective – but it works like magic.

The way it works you take a glass of water 15 – 20 minutes before your meal as this leaves you feeling full, making you take in less food.

Other Helpful Tips to Lose Weigh Fast

Some other tips that have been quite useful to me include:

  • Eliminate (or reduce to a bare minimum) sugary and starchy food from your diet.
  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes, three times a week.
  • Don’t eat once its past 7pm.
  • Eat your food slowly.
  • Ensure you get he minimum recommended hours of sleep/rest daily.
  • Avoid stressors around you.

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