Rice cooked and ready

Very Simple Ways to Have Your Rice Cooked and Ready 15 Minutes Earlier than Usual

by Muobo
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Very Simple Ways to Have Your Rice Cooked and Ready 15 Minutes Earlier than Usual

Cooking rice doesn’t have to take so long anymore, especially if you are hungry or pressed for time. Now you can actually have a pot of rice cooked and ready in way less time than you usually would.

Here are two proven ways you can have your rice cooked and served 15 minutes earlier than you normally would.

From research, 80%of the world rice is produced in Asia and this food is also majorly consumed in that region.

Quite a number of countries (China, Japan, a few other Asian countries, Ghana, and Nigeria) have rice as a staple food, while a few others have rice as a minor part of their diet.

Rice is a complex carbohydrate rich in calcium, folate, and thiam.

Rice cooked and ready
Parboiled rice spread on a table top

Here are some other benefits you will get eating rice:

1.Being carbohydrate-densed, rice gives a lot of energy.

2.Rich is high in soluble fibre, making it a good choice for fighting cancer.

3.Rice promotes healthy heart and eating it is also a great option for regulating high blood pressure.

4.Rice helps control chronic constipation, so if you suffer constipation often, here’s one food you might want to include in your diet.

5.Rice doesn’t contain cholesterol or sodium which makes it a low risk for obesity and or kidney disease.

6.Rice has been known to boost immunity, especially when added to chicken soup.

7.Rice has also been known to improve metabolism as it contains niacin, vitamin D, and calcium.

8.Rice water, which is gotten from rice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, making it a good ingredient for achieving great skin and a healthy hair.

9.Rice water can also be taken orally to get its many benefits.

Some of These Rice Water Include

  • It is a potent remedy for diarrhea and will stop frequent bowel movement in no no time.
  • Rice water gives you an energy boost five to ten minutes after taking it.
  • Rice water can help relax your nerves when you soak in it for 20 minutes or more.
  • Rice water is great for clearing skin blemishes and other skin infections.
  • Rice water serves to clear your up digestive system, preventing constipation.
  • Rice water is a great way to replace lost electrolytes, in the event of a diarrhea or vomiting.

How Rice is Cooked

Depending on how hot your cooking heat is, rice takes an average of 35-45 minutes to be fully cooked.

However, if you are pressed for time, there are a few ways you can adopt to get your rice cooked and ready in a shorter time.

Here are a few of such tips I found:

Rice e cooked and ready
Rice, noodles and potatoes

Method One
Getting Your Rice Cooked and Ready Using The Hot Water Soak Method

This method of cooking rice involves you carrying out a pre-soak using boiling water and the rice is usually ready in a very short time.

Here’s How It’s Done

1.Set a kettle of water on medium heat and bring it to boil.

2.. Next, wash the quantity of rice to be used into a bowl and place under a running tap.

Wash rice and pour out the water and dirt.

3.Once done, pour your boiling water into the bowl of washed rice and keep bowl covered for 5-10 minutes.

4.This method goes ahead to parboil your rice while you attend to other things.

5.After this time, pour out the hot water into a bowl and transfer the rice into a pot, topping with the boiling water left. You should add just enough quantity of water to get your rice cooked. (The first water poured out is your rice water and can be used for a lot of purposes).

6.Place this on medium heat, add a little water and salt and let it cook for 10-15 minutes.

7.Take off heat once your rice becomes fully cooked and serve as desired.

The rice water poured out could be used for a lot of things, including elimination g skin blemishes, lightly toning the skin, rejuvenating dull-looking skin by stimulating blood blood, and promoting healthy hair growth.

Rice spread n a brown paper bag

Method Two

Getting Your Rice Cooked and Ready Using The Cold Water Soak Method

This is the second method for getting your rice cooked in no time and requires just very little effort.

It is also more pocket-friendly and involves you using less cooking gas and cooking time to get your rice cooked

Here’s How you start:

  • Pour rice to be cooked into a bowl and place under a running tap. Wash rice and pour the water and dirt out.
  • Next, top up the water, making it two inches higher than the quantity of rice.
  • Pour in some salt, just enough to season the rice and place bowl on the counter for 10 minutes.
  • Once done, rinse your rice into a pot and top it up with water.
  • Add your salt and place this on medium heat to cook. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes to be properly cooked, at the end of which your rice will be cooked and ready to be eaten.

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