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Valentine’s Day: Some Fun Facts You Should

by Kamara

Valentine’s Day: Some Fun Facts You Should

Valentine’s Day, a day to share and receive love, dates as far back as the 3rd century. This is one day lovers the world over have set aside to express their love by spending time together, sharing thoughtful gifts, sending heartfelt messages or Valentine’s Day cards.

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Valentine’s Day is also seen as a day to celebrate friends and friendship as is done in some countries including Finland, where friends are honored and celebrated.

What People Do on Valentine’s Day

Besides the usual exchange of gifts on, lots of people also dress the part on this day. In Nigeria, for instance, most people chose to wear the official colours of Valentine for the country, red and/or white and it is not unusual to see even school students dressed in these colour as they get ready to share and receive love from everyone including their their classmates and teachers.

This is one holiday where restaurants, shopping malls, eateries, and cinemas are at their busiest as lovers throng there to have a good time.

While a lot of people celebrate Valentine’s Day, a few do not know how this day came about. Here are some fun facts about Valentines Day that will thrill you:

Valentine's day
Valentines Day: Some Fun Facts You Should

Valentine’s Day History

Valentines Day was named after a Christian martyr, Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who believed strongly in love and marriage.

Sadly, legend has it that during this time, the Emperor Claudius II believed the Romans should be devoted to Rome. He didn’t want the Roman soldiers marrying as it was war time and so, outlawed marriages for all Romans.

Saint Valentine who didn’t support this decree, took to marrying men and women in secret, until he was caught and thrown into jail. There he remained until he was beheaded a while later on 14th February in the year 260.

While this date was significant even then, it wasn’t until 200 years later that it became known when the Pope declared it the official day to remember the fallen Marty and also to share love.

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Some Fun Valentine’s Day Facts You Should Know

  1. On average, men spend about $150 on Valentine’s Day gifts, that’s over twice the estimated amount women are known to spend ($70).
  2. Even though men spend more, women are known to make more purchases on Valentine’s Day (about 80% of all gifts).
  3. Valentine’s Day cards are one of the top three gifts to be shared on this day.
  4. Over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards get shared the world over each year and teachers receive the most of them.
  5. The first Valentines Day card was sent in the 17th century.
  6. Flowers are the most popular gift shared on Valentine’s Day and roses are the flower of choice.
  7. Heart shaped chocolates is another popular gift for lovers on this day and over $1 billion dollars gets spent on it.
  8. An estimated $19 million is spent on Valentines Day yearly in the United States alone.
  9. There’s a sharp increase in the sales on condoms on this day (about 30% more sales occur on this day).
  10. Even though Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over, there are a few countries where celebrating this day is illegal and you could get punished if caught.
Valentine's day
Valentines day

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Muslims in Indonesia, and Malaysia are among the top countries that have a ban on this day.

It is believed Valentine’s day promotes immorality and defaulters are severely punished if caught.

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11. In India, Hindus do not openly acknowledge this day as a holiday to be celebrated.

Good news though: there are over 220,000 lovers proposing on Valentine’s Day.

12. Pets are not left out in the spread of love as an estimated 9 million pets the world over are known to receive Valentine’s Day gifts.

13. Some people do not wait for someone to show them love first on this day as a lot of women have been known to send themselves Valentine’s Day cards and other gifts on this day.

14. While women receive more gifts than men in most countries, in Japan it is different as Japanese men are known to receive more gifts from their women.

15. In ancient times it was believed you were inviting bad luck if you signed a Valentine card.

16. Single Awareness Day (SAD) is a day set aside by singles to commiserate with each other.

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