Try These Tips to Correct an Over Salted Soup

by Muobo
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No matter how great a cook you are,  there will be those occasional times when your soup or food doesn’t come out exactly as you’d want.

It either comes out a little burnt or a little too salty for your taste (and everyone else’s).

If you have such a situation on your hand where you have a salty soup,  here are some simple ways you can correct it:

5 Simple Ways to Correct a Salty Soup

1. Add Vinegar or Lemon

Lemon or vinegar are acidic and exactly what the salty soup needs to get corrected.  These,  when added,  will cut through the saltiness,  to balance or correct it.

You should however,  add just a little at a time,  checking as you go to see if the soup is now to your taste.

2. Dilute with Water

Another good way to correct a salty soup is to dilute with water. This works best though if you already have a thick or slightly thick soup on hand.

You should add sufficient water and leave the soup to boil again for a few minutes before taking it off the heat.

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3. Add a Little Starch

You can also add some starch food like rice,  potato, or noodles to correct the salty soup.

The starch in these foods works in two ways:

– One,  it absorb the excess salt from the food.

– It also helps thicken the soup if you have a too watery soup on your hands.

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4. Add a Little Sugar

Sugar also helps to correct a salty soup. Just add a teaspoon or more of this to the soup, depending on how salty the soup is and it help balance this over saltiness.

5. Cook More Soup

Lastly,  if you have more ingredients in your kitchen,  you just might want to cook more soup.

Make this new pot completely saltless though and add to the salty one to balance it out.


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