Top Love Quotes that Will Thrill the Heart of the One You Love

by Kamara

Top Love Quotes

True love is such a beautiful feeling and takes you to a realm of joy you never knew existed.

You want to spend every waking moment with your lover and nothing gives you more joy than seeing them happy.

You want to tell and show them how much you love them, and what better way to do so than through love language and love quotes that fully express the feelings in your heart.

Here are 14 amazing love quotes you can share with your lover to make them know how happy you are to be with them or just read on your own when you’re away from and missing them.

Love Quotes

1. “Love found me when I least expected and in your eyes I have had my fill of joy”.

Love sometimes comes when you least expect, when you aren’t actively searching for it, or in a package you wouldn’t expect.

2. “Love is a two-edged sword that can wound as well as make happy.”

Love is unpredictable; the one you love has the power to make you so deliriously happy or cause you such untold pain.

3. “Love heals better than time.”

Sometimes, it takes a new love to heal the pain of the old and also within a short duration.

4. “Love fades when its not nurtured.”

Like every other living, breathing going, love has to be fed and nurtured or it will fade away.

5. “Love knows no age, colour, or social barrier.”

Love is one emotion that transcends every barrier known to man

6. ” Greater battles have been worn with love than with sword.”

Love is the most powerful emotion, capable of conquering even the toughest of hearts.

7. “Never take for granted the one who truly loves you, for you may search tomorrow and find themngone.”

Learn to value every love shown to you or they may be gone when you need them the most.

8. “I know I’m in love ’cause right now, someone’s needs are much more important than mine.”

Love makes the other become your entire world and you strive to make them happy.

9.” In your happiness, I have found my fulfilment. I live to make you happy.”

Making your partner happy is every lover’s dream and wish.

10. “Before I met you, I lived. Then I met you and I became ALIVE. And now joy fills my every pore.”

True love is like adrenaline that makes you come more alive

11. “They say loving you is a crime. I’d rather remain a prisoner of your life. Then be a freeman without it.”

12. ” If you have never loved, then you have never known what it feels like to truly be alive. I love you and in you I have found my living. ”

Being inlove is one of the best feelings in the world and she who has never loved has never really lived.

13. “Love is more beautiful when it gives without expecting to receive.”

Love is purer and true when you give your all to your lover without expecting to receive. No one ever forgets such a love.

14. “Let me love you, even for a day, than to go through life never haven known love.”

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