Top 10 Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts

by Muobo
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If you are looking to improve your health generally, then nuts are a must in your diet. These small and seemingly unimportant looking food, comes packed with a myriad of nutrients that offer amazing health benefits to you.

Pecans of the nut family, are one of such rich food. They are native to North America and Mexico, but can be found just about anywhere.

These crunchy food with the buttery smell and taste can be eaten solely as a snack or included in meals.


Here are Some Nutrients You Can Expect to Get From Nuts

They are Very High in Antioxidants

Pecan nuts have just about the highest antioxidant than most fruits of its type and would be a great choice if you want to avoid oxidation in your system.

They Come Packed in Vitamins

These nuts also have a high vitamin deposit and some vitamins you can expect to get from eating it include vitamins A, B,
and E.

Various Other Nutrients

Other nutrients you can find in this nut include magnesium, phosphorus, Felix acid, calcium, potassium, plant sterols, and zinc.


Here are Ten Health Benefits of Eating Pecans

1.Pecans are Great for Heart Health

Pecans will improve heart health when taken consistently due to the high fiber, which is needed for your heart.

It also contains oleic acid as well as phenolic antioxidants, a monosaturated fat which greatly minimizes the risk of heart diseases.

2.They Reduce the Risk of Certain Type of Cancer

Another functions of pecan nut is cleaning out your colon and this helps reduce the risk of coming down with colon cancer.

The oleic acid it contains btains also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

3.They are Great for Weight Loss

Since pecans boost metabolism, this makes them great for losing aweight.

It also promotes satiety as you feel full with just a few so you won’t go hungry if you choose to have it as a meal.

4.Pecans Improve Digestion

The colon-cleansing property of this nut and the fiber they contain also improves digestion.

They also help clear constipation and reduce the severity of hemorrhoids

5.Pecans Boost Immunity

They contain trace elements of manganese, an antioxidant that helps protect your nerve cells and boost your immune system.

6.They Reduce Your Risk of a Stroke

The magnesium content can reduce your risk of a stroke. However, you’d have to take a lot of this and daily too as studies shows that taking as much as 100 milligrams of magnesium reduces by risk of a stroke by 9 -10%

7.They Can Regulate Blood Pressure

Again, the magnesium content in pecan have been known to help lower blood pressure, so you should take it if you need to regulate yours.

8.Pecans will Give You a Glowing Skin

Since they are a good source of zinc, fiber and antioxidants, eating them will help rid your skin of toxins which cause irritations, breakouts, or blemishes to give you a glowing complexion.

9. They are Anti-aging

The vitamins and ellagic acid of pecans are great for slowing down aging and this will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

10.Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Pecans also contain the amino acid of L-arginine which promotes healthy hair growth when applied to the scalp and hair.

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