Tips and Tricks: How to Stop Pictures in WhatsApp Groups from Automatically Saving to Your Gallery

by Muobo
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Do you get unwanted pictures from WhatsApp groups stored to your picture gallery? Would you like to learn how to stop these pictures from saving?

WhatsApp is just about the most used messaging group and almost everyone and their grandma is on it. You can chat friends or acquaintances personally in this platform or join groups to share and receive information.

I am a member of a few WhatsApp groups in blogging, cryptocurrencies, and airdrops and a couple of times, I have navigated to my picture folder to see several pictures from these groups stored there.

The first time it happened, I was surprised as I didn’t approve the downloads myself so I wondered how they got there. However, over time, I got to discover every picture shared in a group you’re a part of automatically saves to your gallery and this is what happened to me.

Knowing this, I felt I was left with two choices; resign to that fact and concentrate on deleting these pictures at the end of each day, or looking for a solution to it. I chose the later.

How to go About Stopping These Pictures from Saving to Your Picture Gallery

By default, every of these pictures shared in these WhatsApp groups will save to your gallery, unless you manually set it not to.

To do so, follow these three simple steps

1. At the top of the group page click on Group Info

2. Next, navigate to Media Visibility.

3. You’ll be shown three options
– Yes (default)
– Yes
– No
Click on the No button and click save

From then on, no picture from that group will save to your gallery.

If you are a member of several groups, you’d have to manually repeat these three steps for each group.

Also, if you decide you want to start receiving pictures again from any of these groups, you’d have to go back to Media Visibility and click Yes or Yes(default).

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