This is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Your Stomach

by Muobo
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Sleeping on your stomach has it’s advantages as it has been proven to eliminate snoring and also reduce sleep apnea.

However, this is unhealthy practice as the disadvantages far outweigh these benefits and this is why medical personnels strongly advice against it.

Here are Some Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Your Stomach

It’s Bad for Your Neck
While this might be a comfortable position for you and make you fall asleep faster, doing it puts a lot on pressure on your neck.

Your neck gets turned or placed in a position that fixes or locks your upper cervical vertebrae. When this happens often, it can lead to constant headaches and/or back aches.

It Also Puts Pressure on Your Back
There will also be a lot of pressure on your lower vertebrae, leading to back aches.

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You’re at Risk of Osteoarthritis
Sleeping on your stomach also causes the joints in your neck and lower back to wear faster. This could in turn lead to the bones rubbing against each other, leading to pain and osteoarthritis.

Your Internal Organs are Also at Risk
Your spine or backbone is the heaviest structure in your body. When you sleep on your stomach, there is a gravitational pull that causes it to sag or curve downwards, pressing against every soft organs like your lungs, stomach, and intestines present in that region.

It Has Been Proven to Cause Crib Death
Sleeping on your stomach has also been known to cause sleep death or sudden infant death syndrome.

Findings from a study conducted on sudden infant death shows placing the baby to sleep on it’s stomach is the chief cause of the deaths in these infants.

Due to this, parents have been strongly advised to desist from this practice and there has been a corresponding reduction in the number of crib deaths.

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