Soothe a crying baby

The New Mom’s Guide to Soothe a Crying Baby

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The New Mom’s Guide to Soothe a Crying Baby

Babies have their unique ways of communicating and it can take a while to learn to understand these ways, even for their mothers.

A baby’s most common and preferred way of communicating is by crying. They cry to pass across their need for food or comfort and it usually is overwhelming at first when you’re a new mom still trying to decipher which need is which. However, over time, you become an expert in deciphering what each cry means and might even be able to anticipate when a crying episode is coming on, thereby nipping it in the bud.

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Likely Reasons Why Your Baby Cries

Here are some of the commonest reasons why your baby cries and how you can sooth them:

Babies Cry When hungry

Your baby will cry to let you know she’s hungry and needs a feed. The cry might start with her fidgeting and making light crying noises, then intensifies to loud wails the more this need is left unmet.

How to Rectify This
Feed her immediately, giving her the choice of food until she’s full and let’s on she needs no more.

Soothe a crying baby
Soothe a crying baby: A baby on his back crying

She has a Soiled Diaper

Soiled nappies make babies uncomfortable and they will pass this message across to you in that special way. Babies also cry to let you know their nappies are soiled and need a change.

How to Rectify This
Change her diaper immediately and she will become calm again.

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Babies Cry Because they Need to be Held

Babies need a lot of attention and cuddling and will cry if they start to feel lonely.

How to Rectify This
Pick your baby up and hold her close to you. The sound of your heartbeat or your unique smell will serve to calm and reassure her.

You could also try singing to her as your voice, which she’s heard and gotten used to from the womb, is most known to her and will also serve to calm her.

Babies Cry When they Feel Unwell

Your baby will also cry if she feels any kind of illness.

How to Rectify This
Most new moms are unsure of their child’s state of health. If you suspect your child might be ill, you should take her to the hospital for a checkup and treatment.

Babies Cry When Uncomfortable

Your baby will cry if she feels uncomfortable and needs attention.

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How to Rectify This
Check her clothing to see if they are too tight or chaffing her in any way. Also check if she’s experiencing gas or acid reflux and give a gentle stomach massage if she is.

Soothe a crying baby
Soothe a crying baby: a mother smiling and holding her child up

Babies Cry When Tired

Your baby will also cry if extremely tired and needs a rest.

How to Rectify This
Swaddle her and gentle rock her to sleep and she’ll fall easily asleep in this position.

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Babies Cry for No Reason

Sometimes, babies, especially newborns of four months and below, will cry for no reason whatsoever. This is usually frustrating and you only arrive at this conclusion after you have tried every other solution to make her crying stop.

How to Rectify This
When this happens straddle and rock her as you would when she needs attention. Sing to her or have her strapped to you and soon, she will feel comfortable and calm enough to stop crying.

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