the motherhood

The Motherhood: As Described by a New Mother (A Short Writeup)

by Kamara

The Motherhood: As Described by a New Mother (A Short Writeup)


It is joy, it is love, and everything in between.

Motherhood is going discomfort and pain;
Nine months of sickness and losing yourself
Just to create that beautiful life.

It is getting to that precipice dividing life from death
As you struggle to bring forth the gift within you.

the motherhood
The motherhood journey

It is becoming a manufacturer
As you nurse your newborn from milk that flows from your breasts.

It is becoming an instant health practitioner,
Brought about by circumstances,
As you nurse them through each illness.

It is becoming their first teacher,
As you teach them that which they should know;
Guiding them through the good and the bad.

It is becoming their best friend and confidant,
The one they are eager to share their treasures and secrets with.

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It is becoming their guide and counselor
Setting them on the career path they should take,
And guiding them from making relationship mistakes.

Motherhood is becoming a baby once again,
Confident in the assurance you’ll be cared for and loved
Just as you spent your whole life loving and caring for.

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