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35+ Surprising Cultures and Traditions Around the World that will Shock You

by Muobo
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Surprising Cultures and Traditions Around the World that Will Shock You

Cultures abound and while some will leave you in awe, others will shock the bejesus out of you. Here are some of those weird cultures and traditions around the world that will leave you amazed.

Cultures are great as they define a country and its people. However, while some cultures are exceptional and will thrill you if you happen to find yourself in the country where it is practiced, others will leave you a little at a loss for words.

That said, here are some

Surprising Cultures and Traditions Around the World that will Astound you:

– In Ireland, a woman can propose to a man on a leap year and he is not allowed to refuse. If he does, he is levied with a stiff fine.

– Up until the 1920s, couples could get married in a really weird way by walking towards each other in the town of Teltown. This marriage was seen as legal and the couple regarded as married.

In the same light, couples who wished to divorce could do so by walking away from each other at the same spot.

– It’s quite common for pigs to live in a household as pets in some areas of Ireland.

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cultures and traditions around the world
cultures and traditions around the world

– Mexicans celebrate new year’s eve by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.

– In Mexico, arriving late for meetings or events is pretty normal and a culture you just might have to adjust to.

– If you don’t have a stomach for hot spices, then you might have a hard time eating in Mexico as almost all dishes have lime and chili in them.

United Kingdom
– In the Uk, Worm Charming is a sport where people try to charm worms out of the ground.

This is where it gets interesting, you can’t use your hands to dig out these worms but you’re allowed to use other methods like singing, music, tap dancing, or any other methods.

– There are no bins in Britainas they were all taken out.

– The Straw Bear Day is a tradition held on the 7th of January in Fenland. A male (boy or man) gets covered in a straw costume, and goes from one house to the other to dance and is gifted with beer, food, or money.

– You are regarded as vain if you accept a compliment, and most Chinese will try to deflect it when offered one.

– If you point at people or things with your index finger you are considered rude. Instead, use your open palm.

– Slurping on your noodles is a way of telling your host you’re enjoying he meal. The more the noise made, the better.

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– It is also considered rude to point with the index finger in Malaysia. If you must point, do so with your thump.

– Malaysians shy away from making their front gates face a T-junction as it is believed spirits reside at these places and could visit when you do so.

Most would avoid getting a house at a junction altogether.

– Malaysians prefer very large front doors as it is believed this brings in more good luck and wealth.

– The number 4 when translated is pronounced sei and means death. It is therefore avoided when numbering houses.

More Surprising Cultures and Traditions Around the World…

– There’s a practice where the roof is removed and the house exposed for 49 days. This is believed to eliminate spirits from any corner they might be hiding.

– In Switzerland, a few people practice ‘honesty shopping’, a system where a shop is left unattended.

The buyer is expected to purchase what he likes and drop the money for it behind.

Interestingly, regions that practice this report honesty from buyers who visit their shops.

– It is customary to give a book as a gift on Christmas eve and this has helped preserved the reading culture in Iceland.

– Parents can leave their babies unattended to outside, sleeping in a pram and this is seen as safe, even considered healthy for the child.

– If a mother goes to the market with a baby strapped to her back, she’s expects to be careful. If the baby falls from her back, she’s expected to dance around the market half naked to ward off any evil this act will bring to the child.

Women who refuse doing so are forced by other women in the market who are more keen on protecting the child.

– A woman who commits adultery would lose her husband and children to death if the man eats meals prepared by her.

– In Nigeria, magun, a kind of black voodoo, is placed on a woman suspected of adultery without her knowledge.

This charm gets placed by her husband or someone equally close to her. The way it works, if she goes on to commit adultery, her lover dies it gets stuck to her in the act.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t, then she dies after a while. It’s a lose-lose situation for the woman.

– In eastern Nigeria, there’s a practice called widowhood right where a woman, upon losing her husband, gets subject to some humiliating acts to prove she has no hand in her husband’s death.

In some instances, the corpse is washed and the water given to her to drink,she gets locked in a room for three months without taking a bath, or her hair gets shaved off completely.

If at the end of the allotted time she comes out sane, it’s believed she’s innocent of the husband’s death.

– Regular witch-hunting gets carried out in South-easthern or the Western part and a person believed to be a which goes through gory punishments such as being flogged, burned, or ostracised by the community.

– Female circumcision is a act still being practiced secretly in some parts of Nigeria.

cultures and traditions around the world
cultures and traditions around the world

– It is not uncommon for guests to spit on the bride at a wedding as a way of wishing her good luck in her marriage.

– September 12 has been set aside as the day of conception in Russia where couples are given the day off work to go have sex and procreate.

– If you spill salt, you have to throw a little over your shoulder and spit three times or you would come to some bad luck.

– It is considered rude to offer a person an item or to try to collect one using your left hand.

– Hindus and Muslims have a practice of tossing a baby onto the roof, an act believed to bring good luck to the child.

– Cows are regarded as holy in India and worshiped as a maternal figure.

Yet More Fun Cultures and Traditions Around the World…

– Some Indians see it as inappropriate using toilet paper to clean up and would rather use water.

– India practices a caste system (a practice that is currently being abandoned) and one of such cultures of the caste is for the very low caste to roll over leftover food of the Brahmins, an active believed to bring gooluck and prosperity.

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-In some parts of Ghana, babies born deformed get killed as they are believed to be evil.

– Human sacrifices gets performed in some parts of Ghana as a way of appeasing their gods during which time healthy person – especially babies get used as the sacrificial specimen.


– In the US, it’s not uncommon to see people drinking on the go, an act that would be regarded as improper, even rude in some countries.

– It’s a norm to open a gift in front of the giver, unlike in Africa or most Asian countries where it is considered rude to do so.

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