Some Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Stay So

by Muobo
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A lady came to my shop the other day. She’s a dressmaker like me and needed to make use of one of my sewing machines as hers just packed up.

The first thing I noticed about her is how extremely huge she was. The second is that she’s very aware of her size and quite uncomfortable with it.

Somehow, we got talking about weight and weight loss and I shared my struggles losing my baby weight her.

She, in turn, told of the numerous weight loss diets she’d undergone to shed that extra weight. In the end, we came to the realization that these fad diets, while promising and delivering instant weight loss, mostly don’t work as you just seem to pick the weight right back up after a while.

This happens because these diets or programmes aren’t healthy or maintainable, and you pick up the weight when you go back to your regular eating.

To lose weight and keep that weight off, you would need to eat healthy and also adopt a lifestyle or weight loss plan that’s maintainable.

That been said, here are six tips to help you lose weight and keep it so:

1. Watch What You Eat
For you to lose weight, you’d have to take in just the right amount of calories your body needs.

As a woman, your body needs about 2,000 calories daily. Anything more and this will be stored as fat if it isn’t burned immediately.

2. Limit Your Sugar Intake
Sugar might be sweet, but it’s just empty calories, no nutrients what so ever.

Sugar also does a lot of harm to your body when taken in excess.

You could opt for sugar in place of it and get not just the sweetness, but also lots of beneficial nutrients.

3. Cut Out Junk Food
Junk food are quick and readily available, but they come packed with lots of calories.

A few pastries which won’t quite fill your hunger, would likely come packed with twice the amount of calories regular meal would.

You should avoid these and eat healthy to lose or maintain your weight.

4. Eat More Protein
Protein meals contain less calories than carbohydrates which makes it a good option for weight loss.

Your body also burns extra calories when it tries to metabolize it, making it all the more great.

5. Drink Lots of Water
You can never go wrong drinking water. Research shows that taking a glass 20 minutes before your meal makes you eat less.

You should also substitute water for drinks as the former is more filling with way less calories.

6. Exercise: Take Ten Thousand Steps Daily
Any form of aerobic exercise whatsoever will make you burn calories.

Walking is also a good exercise to try out. You could walk for 30 minutes daily or five times a week to maintain your weight or go a little longer – as long as 45 minutes- to lose weight.

Other good exercises you could try out include power walking, jogging, running, cycling, and skipping.

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