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Are You a Single Mom? Here are Five Best Careers for You

by Kamara
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Are You a Single Mom? Here are Five Best Careers for You

Are you a single mom wondering how you will juggle your career and your duties as a mother without burning out? Well, this right here, is the post for you. It will show you just how easily you can achieve this without the accompanying exhaustion that comes with it.

Besides the obvious challenges of self-doubt and having no one to turn to, a few other challenges almost every single mom faces are trying to get enough money for yours and your kid’s needs as well as setting aside quality time to see to the kids emotional needs and development.

It can all get a little overwhelming and sometimes you get to the point where you want to lock yourself up in a room and cry your eyes out.

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It doesn’t have to get to this point though as you can get a career that will, hopefully, provide enough money to take care of your financial needs and also give you ample time to bond with your kids.

Single mom
Single mom and child

Here are Five of Such Careers Every Single Mom Should Consider

1) Write for Opera News

Opera browser is one of the well known browsers out there. It is owned by Qihoo 360, a Chinese company known for its web browsers for mobile and PCs

In November 2019, Opera news launched the Opera News Hub, an online media platform where content creators can go to create and share content with the 300 million opera news users that browse the platform daily.

As a content creator, you earn from the views on each article you create. Views are called clicks and it’s quite easy to get tens of thousands of clicks under a short while.

Opera pays the content creators called News Hub Creators N0.036 for every click an article receives and N360 for every 1,000 clicks.

This figure might look small (actually it is very small), but considering you don’t have to write such lengthy articles (articles should be a minimum of 150 words, it actually is a good way to brush up your writing skills and also earn some change while at it.

This career is great for a single mom as it also avails you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.

2) Run a Blog

A research carried out found 9% of bloggers make between $1,000 to $10,000 dollars each month.

Two of the world’s most successful bloggers, Arianna Huffington of Huffpost and Pete Cashmore of Mashable make $14,000,000 and $2,000,000 respectively each month. If these figures don’t make you discover your long-buried talent for blogging, I don’t know what else will.

As a single mom, this is one of the best careers you can do. Not only does blogging have the potential to put quite a hefty amount of money in your pocket repeatedly, it also will give you the time to spend with your kids.

However, a little heads-up and that is the fact that blogging sometimes takes time before you can start to see the money (actually, it takes a whole lot if time). There’s the building of your website trust in search engines which can take a lot of time.

Blogging is not all about buying a domain name from Godaddy, installing wordpress , an open source website creation tool, and writing terrific posts. While these are key steps, it goes beyond this to also involve creating backlinks for the site and carrying out on-page optimisation.

For the first few months of your blog’s existence, you might struggle to people to it. While this blog might be your dream and precious to you, it isn’t to others.

You will spend quite some amount of money as you try to get traffic to your site or carry out a lot of manual, but free promotion to get this traffic if you don’t have a budget.

However, as your site gains more ground, you should begin to see the traffic trickle in gradually until it gets so massive, you almost want to beg it to slow down.

Single mom
Single mom and son

3) Get Trained to Sew

Sewing is yet another skill that can fetch you a lot of money. The ROI from sewing is amazing! There are so many fields you can branch into to earn a living and these range from making kiddies clothes, to making beddings and decorative fixtures.

However, unlike writing for opera news hub, this skill set does require some extensive knowledge as well as some time before you can perfect it.

You should get seasoned in it a little under a year though, especially if you are branching into less technical aspects of sewing like the kiddies and beddings.

Also, as a single mom this career will give you adequate time for your kids, since you can sew from anywhere, even your bedroom.

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4) Become a Drop Shipper

There is no business as sweet as drop shipping, since it requires almost zero capital to start.

Anyone (students, housewives, single mom, career women) can venture into it once they make up their minds to do so.

Also, this career path requires no extensive training. You can get all the knowledge you want by researching online or from a few YouTube videos and you can do this in a short time too.

Drop shipping is a business that requires you becoming the middle man for a product or service. The way it works, you find a great product with the propensity to sell quite a lot and then go ahead to link it to interested buyers. You earn a commission from your efforts when the product sells. It’s as simple as that.

You aren’t required to warehouse the product or keep inventories. Neither do you have to bother yourself with the intricate details of product delivery. All you’d have to do is link a buyer to a seller and earn a commission for doing so.

Single mom

5) Sell Ebooks on Amazon

This is one of the best careers for a single mom, since it is a passive income stream. Which means an effort you do today, keeps earning you money for months and even years to come.

Amazon has a publishing platform where interested writers can self-publish their books. As a publisher, you are responsible for uploading your books and book cover and you can choose to promote these books or not. Whether you chose to, Amazon does a promotion for each book you upload and so kong as these books are one of the best in the niches you’ve chosen, you will continue to earn from them.

You can choose to sell ebooks or make your books available in hard copy, that way you earn from two sources. You can also decide to make your book available for borrows and earn each time someone reads a page of one of your books.

You earn about 0.00488 per page read and while this may seem quite little, it can add up pretty quickly especially considering Amazon has a really huge user base; you could get up with a few thousand page read each month, making the money you earn from this effort well worth the decision to make you book exclusive to Amazon.

If writing is not your thing you can also choose to design and create beautiful journals, notebooks, diaries and planners. One good thing about selling journals and planners is that unlike ebook or physical books that take weeks to write, you can produce and upload several journals daily.

However, you shouldn’t upload more than 50 daily and this could flag your account as spam, making Amazon ban it.

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