7 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

Signs your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore

7 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

Marriage is a world on its own and anyone who’s been married a few years can attest to that.

The reality of marriage and what Hollywood paints are two entirely different pictures. Hollywood shows you two people who fall in love, get hooked, and live happily ever after and while this is obtainable with real-life marriages, you should also expect the (many) bumps that go with this union.

One of the things you can expect in marriage is change. Instead, we go into it expecting that nothing will ever change and get shocked when they do start happening. Both parties will change and some of these changes won’t be appealing to your partner.

One of the areas you can expect some major changes as a woman is your appearance. You will likely gain some extra weight in some parts of your anatomy, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For some women, this new weight sticks beyond breastfeeding, and it can start to be a problem for you both.

Men also change too in several ways that might not be appealing to you, however, because this piece is about women, we will be focusing on changes in women during marriage and how this affects the union.

Now, while most men understand that these changes are out of your control, it doesn’t change the fact that men are physical beings and they might start to find you less attractive over time.

Changes could also be non-physical and while you might be unaware these changes have even taken place, they would be enough to put some dent in your happiness

Your man might not voice his dissatisfaction and might even deny it to the high heavens each time you ask, however, you will always get that feeling he is not being quite honest.

Here are

Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive

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Signs your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore
Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore

7 Clear Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

1) He Doesn’t Look at You Anymore

You know how one time he couldn’t take his eyes ( or hands) off you? You felt it on you as you moved around the house.

Now, he barely even looks at you, even when you are having a conversation. He either has his head buried in his phone, a newspaper, or something else.

2) He Hardly Makes Moves for Sex

You will feel this change a lot more in this part of your lives. Your man will make fewer and fewer attempts at sex until he probably stops altogether.

When you try to initiate sex, he comes up with one or more excuses why it should be postponed.

You will discover you are having sex far less often and the times when it does happen it’s over before it even starts.

3) He Stops Complimenting You

You will also wake up one day to find out your husband hasn’t paid you a compliment in a long while. You can’t remember exactly when he stopped, but you know it’s been forever since he completed your looks.

He also doesn’t notice when you have anything new. You could have a new hairstyle and this would go unnoticed.

4) He Starts to Nag

Your man could also start to nag, either occasionally or all the time. He is dissatisfied with one aspect of your lives but this carries through into other aspects of your lives.

Signs your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore
Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore

5) He Complains About Your Appearance

Some men will come out plainly to let you know they are unhappy with your new look or whatever other changes you might be spotting.

While this might not go down well with you the first one it’s mentioned, his approach is usually the best course for resolving the issue.

Instead of having your man deny there is any problem to start with, he should voice out areas he is unhappy with so you both can arrive at a solution.

6) You Become Less Intimate

You might find you both become less intimate. This doesn’t happen overnight, but you will also wake up one day and find there is a gulf between you both and you hadn’t noticed it widening.

7) He Cheats on You

There are those sets of men that will take out their dissatisfaction to the negative extreme.

He no longer finds you attractive and instead of working to remedy the situation, would choose to step out to have an affair.

Signs your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore
Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore

What to Do When Your Husband No Longer Finds You Attractive

Whether he admits it or not, once you confirm your husband no longer finds you attractive there are usually steps you can take to get things back on track.

Bring the spark back into your marriage using these tips:

1) Have an Open Communication with Him

Getting the change you seek starts with having a heart-to-heart with your husband.

You want to find out what exactly changed and when the change occurred that way you can both come up with a fitting solution to this issue.

You should have in mind though that you might need to have this conversation a few times to get him to fully open up to you – or not.

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2) Get Fit

If his sudden lack of interest comes from the change in your appearance, then you want to consider remedying this.

Getting fit would be more to your benefit anyway since there is a confidence level that comes from looking attractive and desirable.

However, in trying to lose weight, you should go at a pace you are comfortable with and also enlist your husband’s help when needed.

You will find that spending this much time together would be another avenue for you both to bond and get closer.

3) Work on Any Habits He Might Have Complained of

In relationships and marriage, both parties always expect some little changes or compromises from the other.

If your partner has a bad habit, one that grates on your nerves or worse, is damaging to the growth of your relationship, you voice it out in the hopes he makes the necessary adjustments.

This works both ways and your man might also expect the same of you.

He might have mentioned this habit a few times or in passing and while it seemed like he was nagging, deciding to affect the change might do your marriage a world of good.

Signs your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore
Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore

4) Date Him Again

You might need to date your husband again to rekindle the spark. Since the marriage breakdown might have stemmed from one of several factors, choosing to rekindle your romance would be a good move.

You should plan date nights, get a rerun of his favorite show, or any other act you know would speak to him.

5) Take a Break

Sometimes, taking a break from it all might be a major step in healing your marriage.

You could take a vacation or plan a trip with the girls if possible. Absence sometimes makes the heart yearn.

6) Work with a Therapist

The expertise of a professional could also come in handy here if your marriage has deteriorated to the point where minor changes won’t suffice.

7) Give It Time

You shouldn’t expect the change you want to happen suddenly. Give it time and hopefully, things can get back to the state you would want.

Frequently Asked Questions on Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

How do you tell if your husband no longer finds you attractive?

One of the major signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore is that he withdraws from you.

This withdrawal might not happen suddenly, but soon you will notice he no longer spends time or tries to be around you as he usually does.

He’s also likely to initiate sex a lot less. Men love sex, especially with women they find attractive. If he’s lost his attraction for you then you can expect this aspect of your relationship to take a major hit.

What do I do if my husband doesn’t find me sexually attractive?

Your husband was once sexually attracted to you so if he’s lost the attraction you want to get started finding out why.

This loss might have stemmed from a change on your part, or could be to some pressure he’s currently dealing with.

You won’t be able to tell what exactly it is until you either sit him down for a talk or find other equally effective means o find out his reasons.

Why I am not sexually attracted to my wife?

This does happen and it is definitely not okay. Sex is an integral part of any relationship, one that exists o deepen the bond between you both.

When a man loses his sexual attraction to his wife, he will crave sex with her less and this could lead to some other problems.

To start with, you want to avoid any relationship where your partner has very little to no sexual attraction to you to save yourself a life of heartache.

However, if you find yourself already in it then there are ways to ignite or revive this attraction.

Start by finding out what appeals to him and if this is what you find comfortable, you want to incorporate these into your lifestyle.

Take the time to be kind always. A kind woman is always attractive to everyone.

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