Signs your ex is in a rebound relationship

11 Clear Signs Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship

by Kamara
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11 Signs Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship

What are the signs your ex is in a rebound relationship? Read this article to find out signs you can expect to see each time.

When a relationship ends the only thing on your mind is to try to move on and heal as fast as possible. You are hurting badly and wishing for a time when you are yourself again.

Healing from a breakup takes time and during this phase, you will find your mind travels over and over to your ex. You will wonder if they have healed and moved on or are still stuck and struggling like you are.

Finding out they are in a new relationship will hurt like hell and a part of you will hope it’s a rebound relationship and that you weren’t that easy to forget. While you might feel guilty for wishing this, we are humans after all and right now you are reacting from a place of pain and struggle, so if you are wondering, here are

Signs your ex is in a rebound relationship

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11 Signs Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship

1) They Get Into a New Relationship Immediately

This might seem like your ex is completely over you enough to be dating someone new right?

Right, but sometimes also wrong.

Now, a guy dating another girl right after his old relationship ends might seem like he’s rebounding, but this is not always the case.

Although research has found that nine times out of ten, when a person does this they truly are rebounding, however, you can’t conclude just yet without looking out for a few other signs that go with a rebound relationship.

People in a rebound relationship do so to fill the void created by losing their partner; to avoid the pain. To ascertain if this is the case here, you want to look out for the next few signs.

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2) He Continues to Reach Out to You

Even though it looks like he’s moved on, your ex might create a pattern of reaching out occasionally. He does this to connect or just find out how you are faring

Now this right here is one of the signs your ex is in a rebound relationship.

When we are truly over an ex, while we don’t harbor any ill thoughts towards them, we aren’t overly concerned with what goes on in their lives anymore, and neither do we try to reconnect emotionally with them.

Your ex reaching out often shows he still carries a torch for you and the definition of a rebound relationship is dating someone while not completely over another, sometimes in a bid to forget the old.

3) He Lowers His Standard

If you find your ex is dating a girl he usually wouldn’t go for, then this is a sign he isn’t completely over you.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a five or a jaw-dropping ten, the focus here is the fact he needs another relationship to fill the void. It’s likely he needs someone – anyone – to fit this role at this point.

Signs your ex is in a rebound relationship

4) He Appears to be All Over Her

If he’s all over her, sharing loved-up pictures of the two of them all over social media right after your breakup, then this right here is one of the clearest signs your ex is in a rebound relationship.

A healthy relationship goes through phases and pushing milestones like being affectionate too soon, moving in together, or getting engaged is a sure sign he’s rebounding.

5) He Compares His New Partner to You

If your ex calls you out of the blue to let you know how much of a catch his new flame is and how you could never be like her, then chances are high he’s still smarting from the breakup.

He didn’t have to let you know this detail. The fact he felt he had to let you know his new partner is ‘better’ than you shows there’s still something there.

6) He Displays Jealousy or Insecurity

Your ex might get overly jealous and possessive of his new catch. He’s uncomfortable with her relationship with other men and experts reveal this pattern stems from fear and insecurity.

He’s yet to fully heal from the hurt of your breakup and fears being hurt again.

It isn’t unlikely he would require regular validation and reassurances from his new partner to feel fine.

7) He Appears Emotionally Unavailable

He’s emotionally unavailable and distant because there isn’t much to give at this point. He might display intense affection for his new partner, however, these lack emotional depth.

Signs your ex is in a rebound relationship

8) He Tries to Make You Jealous

Your ex might also try to make you jealous to gauge if there’s still something there. He wants to know if you still have some feelings on your part since there still are on his.

He might not come out openly when doing this, however, acts like flaunting his new partner all over social media or physically if you exist in the same locality are all a part of it.

9) He Hates You

He doesn’t exactly hate you in the real sense of it. Instead, what he feels is intense anger for the hurt he feels.

Relationship experts reveal anger as one of the stages of grief. This means he is processing all that hurt and pain but isn’t exactly over it yet.

The fact he’s dating right now means this new relationship is an escape and not necessarily genuine.

10) He Stalks You

Your ex might be stalking you but be discrete about it. While some ex who still has a thing for you would show the classic sign of reaching out, this ex is in denial and prefers to stay subtle.

So he stalks you on social media and even physically if possible.

However, he would deny this to the high heavens if it ever came to the limelight.

11) His Relationships Have a Short Duration

Because everyone deserves love and actively pursues it, most rebounds don’t last for two reasons:

  • Being a woman dating the rebound guy, you can sense when all is not quite well. His actions show his emotional detachment and your ever-present gut feeling will alert you to the true state of things.
  • With the relationship lacking emotional depth, your ex is bound to also get tired of this and seek validation someplace else.

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Do Rebound Relationships Work?

The majority of rebound relationships don’t work. Only about 10 – 20% do and for obvious reasons.

Since the focus of this type of relationship is to help the hurting partner avoid the pain of his previous relationship and not because he truly wants to be with his new partner, these rebounds always hit the rock and not in a pretty way.

In cases where rebounds have succeeded a few things were known to be in place

  • The rebound guy healed during the relationship; found the closure he sought. His partner was likely also quite aware and helped him through the worse of his healing.
  • She also likely had a lot of patience during it all.

Should You Go on a Rebound?

The united response to this experts give everywhere is a definite no. Since rebounds have a very low success rate and mostly always end badly, you don’t want to open yourself up to such pain again in the future.

What you want to do is focus on healing. While it might seem like the pain isn’t letting up, it truly is; every single day brings you closer to complete healing and a few weeks to some months down the line you will look back to find you feel absolutely no pain whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Question

How long before my ex’s rebound fails?

The typical rebound relationship will last from a few weeks to as long as a year and beyond.

Although most rebounds fail, there have been known to be the occasional successful ones, depending on the parties involved.

Your ex could heal during the relationship, and if his partner is very aware and ready to help him there is a considerably high chance of the relationship working.

How long to wait for a rebound relationship?

There is no definite answer to this. The rebound might pack up the next week or turn out to be one of the best relationships your ex ever had.

You don’t want to spend your time waiting around for a rebound relationship to fall. Your ex’, might be one of the 10% that actually do succeed.

How do you know if your ex is unhappy in a new relationship?

If he is, he will show all the typical signs of being unhappy ranging from telling you about it whenever he contacts you, to needing emotional support from you and avoiding his partner as much as he can.

How do you act when your ex is dating someone new?

Looking for more signs your ex is in a rebound relationship. Finding out your ex is seeing someone new always hits hard, especially if it’s happened right after you guys parted ways.

What you want to do is move and try to heal completely from the relationship.

Focusing on going through each day is usually the best course of action to take. Each day brings you closer to healing until you can look back and think of your ex and the relationship with no feeling whatsoever.

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