Signs your ex is becoming interested again

20 Definite Signs Your Ex is Becoming Interested Again

by Kamara
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20 Definite Signs Your Ex is Becoming Interested Again

Does my ex want me back?

If you are asking this question chances are you are getting mixed signals from your ex that have left you all confused.

Most times a relationship breaks up and both of you try to move on. Then one party sabotages the progress you have made so far by sending signals. However, you aren’t sure as to what his true intentions are and so you ask yourself over and over again:

Does my ex want me back?

I found myself in this situation a while back and it took a lot of effort to decipher what my ex’s true intentions were. To make this process easier, here are some definite signs your ex is becoming interested again:

Signs your ex is becoming interested again
Clear signs your ex is becoming interested again

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20 Definite Signs Your Ex is Becoming Interested Again

1) He Calls Out of the Blues

You know how you have moved on from the breakup – healed sufficiently to the point where thinking of him doesn’t bring that stabbing pain – then you get a call, check your screen to find out it’s your ex calling.

Anyone would do a double-take at this point to be sure the caller is who they think it is.

But, yeah, exes calling out of the blues is not unusual and is one of the most definite signs your ex is becoming interested again.

2) He Starts to Hang Out Where You Frequent

There must be a few places you both loved to visit while you were together. Don’t be surprised if he starts to hang out there often.

While running into him there occasionally can happen and shouldn’t be mistaken for a sign he wants to reconnect, seeing him often clearly is, especially if his visits coincides with the times he knows you will be there.

Besides places you both have a mutual interest in, your ex might also find out places you love to visit, even if this interest was developed after the breakup, and turn up at such places. When this happens often then be sure he is trying to get back into your thoughts and hopefully back into your heart.

3) He Asks Your Friends About You

If you share mutual friends, this will be one of the places he turns to re-establish that connection.

Of course, he knows words will get back to you he’s asking. The idea is to get you thinking of him again before he makes the major move.

Even if there are no mutual friends, he must have built some sort of cordial relationship with your own friends during the time you were together and could reach out to them instead.

4) He Remembers Anniversaries

Your birthday is here or you have the anniversary of a project you started years ago coming up and your man reaches out. This right here is one of the most unmistakable signs your ex is becoming interested again.

Birthdays are important to us and so are other key events we hold dear. Your ex didn’t have to reach out to celebrate with you. The fact you both broke up should make everything about the other unimportant. However, if he’s reaching out, he still cares. If he makes the effort to let you know he still cares, then he definitely wants you back.


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5) He Reacts to Your Social Media Posts

You could also find him back on your social media profile pages liking every single post you drop.

He might engage in other ways too, like sharing the post or dropping a thoughtful comment. Whatever engagement he offers might be shocking at first, especially if he blocked you after the breakup, which some people do to move on faster.

Whatever the case his reaching out shows he’s thinking of you again.

6) He Puts in the Effort to Impress You

He might also start putting in the effort to impress you. He knows what you like and doing them would be a good way for you to notice him.

7) He Makes Some Effort to See You Again

Your ex might suggest meeting up for something as harmless as coffee. If you turn him down he likely will take it in good stride and subtly keep pressing until you agree to one drink, after all, there’s very little harm in that.

He’s also ready to make the 100% move to see this meeting take place, even if it’s a major inconvenience for him. So don’t be surprised if he readily agrees to travel several miles just for a cup of coffee.

8) He Gets Put Off If You Have a Boyfriend

If you are with someone else, don’t be surprised if he becomes clearly jealous. He wants you back and the thoughts of another man already in the picture won’t go down well with him.

Does my ex want me back
Couple on a date meeting a former boyfriend

9) He Tries to Make You Jealous

He might also try to make you jealous to gauge if there also are some feelings left on your part. This is the oldest trick in the book and is also one of the most telltale signs your ex is becoming interested again.

He knows if there are still some sparks there – even a little – then the chances of getting you back are high.

10) He Tells You Often He Misses You

He might tell you he misses you when he calls or when you both get together. He says it often because he wants you to know. Even when he doesn’t say it, his disposition and actions will let you know he does.

11) He Flirts with You

He flirts with you – over text and in person. He doesn’t miss any opportunity to let you know he’s still into you.

Some guys might be subtle in communicating theirs, however, the signs are usually still clear and unmistakable

12) He Keeps in Touch with Your Loved Ones

His relationship with your friends and family goes alongside the one he had with you as soon as you both broke up. If he’s reaching out to your loved ones again it’s because he wants back into your life.

13) He Isn’t Dating Anyone

He isn’t, because he still has you in his mind and he won’t hesitate to let you know this. Even if he does have a woman, chances are she’s just a placeholder – as harsh as this sounds – and his feelings are still very much with you.

14) He Pays You Compliments

Your ex might also start paying you compliments often. Since we ladies love compliments he knows you will be pleased by this. Remember he’s trying to get back into your good grace?

15) He Tries to Rebuild an Emotional Connection

Whatever emotional connection you both had must have been broken by the breakup and the time spent apart further distanced you both.

He knows if he’s to have a shot at winning you back, then there must be some sort of emotional connection, no matter how little.

He starts to build this via the occasional phone call and could progress to other communication or actions he knows you love.

16) He Shows You He Would Love to Get Intimate

He’s a guy after all, and this is not being sexist. When a guy is into you, then he wants to do some bed dance with you.

He rediscovers your sexiness – if he ever lost it – and thinks of it often. And since research has shown that men think of sex 19 to 20 times a day, who better to get intimate with than someone they clearly still have feelings for.

17) He Tries to Sabotage Your Relationship

Not everyone would do this, after all who wants to be with someone who’s so small that they’d try to break your relationship?

Your ex might not come out openly to sabotage your relationship, even if he desperately wants to.

Even exes who would do this would be subtle in their approach. They are the ones who would be the first to point out when your boyfriend steps out of line – and yes, this means he’s been keeping tabs on the poor guy (even if this appears stalkerish). But to him, all is fair in love and war.

Signs your ex is becoming interested again

18) He Talks About How He’s Changed

If your breakup stemmed largely from the fact there were a few qualities about him you didn’t like then this will be the first thing he lets you know has changed.

He won’t just tell you, but will go ahead to show you the changes.

19) He Offers to be Your Support

Your ex might also offer to be your support system if he finds you need one. It would be easy for him to fit this role, seeing as he knows you and how to make things better.

He’s likely to go all out in discharging his newfound duty at this time in a bid to make you better again

20) He Comes Right Out to Tell You

Perhaps one of the best and most obvious signs your ex is becoming interested again is that they come right to tell you. It doesn’t get clearer than this.

Some men would try out a few other signs before taking this bold step, while a few might shock the sock off you by dropping the bombshell the first time they call after months of absence.

Whatever style he chooses, your next course of action would depend on a few things, especially on what you want.

Definite Signs Your Ex is Becoming Interested Again

What to Do When Your Ex Reaches Out

Now that it’s confirmed your ex definitely wants you back, what should be the next course of action?

Here are a few tips experts recommend

What to Do If You Don’t Want Him Back

These signs your ex is becoming interested again will continue, unless you respond. If you don’t feel the same, then you want to let him know and be definite in your response.

There is very little point in keeping him hopeful if you know that chapter of your life is done and closed forever.

Being firm but polite in your rejection of his advances will let him know to take his affections elsewhere without hurting his ego.

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What to Do If You Want Him Back

Wanting him back shouldn’t be the main focus here, but having a successful relationship moving forward.

You both broke up once and the chances of that happening again would be slightly higher this time around.

Before responding positively to your ex’s advances, here are a few things you want figured out:

1) Has He Truly Changed?

If the breakup stemmed largely from some qualities of his then you want to be sure they are no longer there.

You could ask him, but of course, he would respond in the affirmative. The onus lies on you to be sure he truly is the new man he says he is.

2) Be Sure What Broke You Up Are Gone

Your breakup might have been caused by factors that are out of both your control. You also want to ascertain these won’t rear again.

3) Is He Worth Leaving Your Boyfriend For

You might currently be with a great guy who practically worships the ground you walk on.

But then, the heart knows what it wants, right?


The heart is not always right. It does get confused too. It might be the powerhouse of the body, but it isn’t infallible like the rest of them organs.

You want to be sure what you feel isn’t nostalgia for the good old days with your ex. You don’t want to lose a great guy to find out you made a mistake.

4) Take It Slow

Even if this is what you want, you still don’t want to jump in with both feet, especially if a long time has passed since the breakup.

You both might be in different places now and want different things. Take it slow by starting with the usual dates spaced out to give you time to sink back into things and rebuild the connection.

However, if, after a while, you find the feelings aren’t there anymore, then you want to do what’s best for your peace and mental health.

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