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21 Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

by Kamara
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21 Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

Office romances are always fifty-fifty. They bear almost the same risks as every other kind of relationship. However, the fact that you would continue to see this person every day if the relationship doesn’t work out, makes some people hold back.

There’s also the fact your office might have a rule against it for one reason or the other.

This, however, doesn’t stop feelings from developing every day. Due to the office policy on office dating as well as the fear of rejection, some guys shy away from pursuing anything with you.

Can a guy like you but not show it?

While, for the most part, women can guess when a guy is into them, some guys are pros and can hide their feelings to an extent, leaving you confused as to the true state of their hearts.

If you suspect something of such might be happening, here are twenty-one signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it

1.He Gets Nervous Around You

He gets slightly nervous and acts slightly weird around you. This change might be subtle and you’d miss it if you weren’t paying attention to him.

His demeanor changes because he likes you and tries to be on his best behavior around you.

Even guys who try to appear macho will find their face shifts sometimes to reveal the true state of their heart.

2.He Looks for Ways to be Alone with You

Since we always crave for more of what we love, this coworker will, sometimes on a subconscious level, seek out ways to be alone with you.

It might be him taking his coffee breaks at the same time as you, or working it out so he sits beside you during meetings, the fact is you will notice you both happen to be nearby most times.

Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It
Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

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3.He Steps in to Help You Solve Your Office Problems

His inner-hero gets activated when it concerns you. He will offer to help out when you get into a jam at the office, knowing this will get him in your good books.

4.He Looks for Ways to Hang Out Off Work

He will look for creative ways to spend more hours with you outside the office. Since he’s trying to be subtle about the whole thing, he might hide these “dates” (as that is what they are), under office stuff.

He also might look for some non-office-related reasons, which however would still appear subtle to spend time with you.

5.He Makes Some Adjustments so You Work the Same Shifts

If you work a shift-kinda job and you find you both are suddenly working the same shifts, always, even in an environment where shifts are swapped often then this might be another sign worth knowing.

6.He Takes Your Sides in Meetings

This man wants to be in your good book and so he does nothing to change this. Sometimes, this means stifling his opinions and taking your side in every decision arrived at.

So long as not standing by his own opinions won’t cause a major negative effect on his work, then he sides with you.

7.He Compliments You

He never fails to compliment you whenever you look good. He also compliments your work, work ethic, and any other thing he admires about you.

8.He Offers You a Ride

If you don’t have a car then he might even offer to be your daily chauffeur, taking you home every day. It’s not impossible for him to also offer to pick you up daily as well.

Now, while you might be thinking this would be too much inconvenience to him, he sees it as nothing.

Men find it easy to go out of their way for the woman they fancy.

He also might be doing this out of care for your safety and wellbeing. After all, by taking you home daily, he’ll be sure you are safe and sound every night.

Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

9.He Gets Flirty

Some of the other signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it might be hard to conclude, especially if he’s in the habit of becoming slightly distant sometimes.

One sign that is never wrong, is that of him flirting with you. Since we never flirt with someone unless we are interested in them, it doesn’t get clearer than this.

10.He Maintains Eye Contact

If you’ve caught him staring at you from across the room a few times and he maintains eye contact for a few seconds before slowly turning his gaze elsewhere, then this is his feelings speaking, with or without his permission.

On the other side of the spectrum, he might find it hard to hold your gaze for longer than a few seconds. You look towards him and he suddenly shifts his eyes elsewhere.

His feelings for you and the fact he’s trying to keep it under wraps might be making him uncomfortable, hence his needing to look elsewhere.

11.His Dresses to Impress You

Yet another one of the obvious signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it is the fact that his dressing changes.

He starts putting a little more (or a lot of) effort into his appearance. He doesn’t just smell nice but might also smell really good too. 

If you’ve ever mentioned the types of outfits you like on guys, even in passing, or even complimented him on a style of dressing, then you might notice he starts to favor it.

He does so because he knows you get attracted to that type of guy and he wants to fit that bill.

12.He Mirrors You

He also likes to mirror your characteristics and little mannerisms. It might be something as little as the way you sit, or a large change like a food preference. Whatever it is, he knows mirroring is the best way to connect with a person on a subconscious level.

13.Your Coworkers Have Pointed This Out to You a Few Times

Your other coworkers might have also pointed this can’t out a few times. Sometimes, people can see what we can’t or aren’t too sure of.

He also might have mentioned something of the sort to another coworker and words filter back to you.

The fact Is, if two or more people have mentioned this to you, then it is worth considering.

Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

14.He Chit-chats with You More Than He Does Others

This coworker might also stop by your desk to chit-chat often, a lot more than he does with others.

He spends a large portion of his breaks (and no break time) at your desk or anywhere else within the office, just generally chit-chatting.

15.His Body Language Speaks Loudly

His body language might also be saying things he hasn’t put to words.

Actions like touching his face while talking to you, stroking his cheek, smiling a lot, dilated pupils, and muscle-flexing are all subtle signs a guy likes you.

16.He Wants to Know Non-Work-Related Stuff

He also wants to know you and will ask you questions. If he’s somewhat reluctant to ask you this information, then he will likely ask around the office, piecing one detail here and another there until he sums up enough about your likes, interest, and your personality. 

17.He Offers to Help You in a Jam

This guy will also try to be your hero, wanting to get you out of jams and difficult situations, not just in the office but outside it as well.

These issues don’t even have to be physical. It’s not uncommon for such a guy to offer his listening ears when you need someone to talk to or even try to help you run some technical stuff.

18.He Gets Protective of You

Beyond helping you, he also gets protective of you and will defend you when the need arises. 

Your safety and well-being become a priority, one he takes seriously.

19.He Remembers Even the Little Things About You

Yeah, he remembers the nig things like your birthdays and alma Mata, or the little things you side in passing like how you like your eggs and your favorite color.

Because he cares, he listens when you talk and store this information deep within.

20.He Tries to Find Out If You Are Single

He tries to find out if you are single, or how stiff the competition he’ll be facing when he makes a move.

He might not come right out to ask you (most guys never do), but you can be rest assured he will find out the information he sees, and yea, he might also stalk your social media pages to glean some information about you.

21.He Praises You in Front of Other Coworkers

He sings your praise any chance he gets, so much so that other coworkers might start teasing him (or you) about it.

Indian male ceo executive manager mentor giving consultation on financial operations to female African American colleague intern using laptop sitting in modern office near panoramic window (Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It)

What to Do When You See the Signs a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

1.Understand His Reasons for Hiding His Feelings

First off, you have to understand that a lot of reasons might be responsible for this guy holding back. Is he scared of being rejected (even the most confident of guys get scared) or is he trying to respect the office policy?

2.Try to Get on the Same Page with Him

If you feel the same way, then you should try to communicate this to him. If his reluctance to approach you stems from the first reason, then this will put paid to it.

There are a few ways to make a guy know you like him and you want to try this as much as possible.

3.Understand How to Have a Successful Office Romance

From starting out slow to keeping things on the low, and never bringing your relationship to the office, there are a few rules that guarantee a successful office relationship.

You both want to know what these are to secure your relationship from the get-go.

4.Decide If the Relationship is Worth It

If your office strictly frowns against office romance, then you want to decide if putting your jobs at risk is worth it all.

It might come down to making little and even big compromises like one of you put in for a transfer or switching jobs, in the end, by putting your heads together you will come up with a solution that works for you both.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you tell if a male coworker wants you?

Feelings never lie and a guy who’s into you will always give out those little signs, no matter how much he tries to hide it.

If you watch closely enough, you will catch these signs when they come.

2. How do you know if a coworker likes you or is just being nice?

It’s easy to confuse both, however, there are some signs a guy who likes you will display, that a guy who’s just being nice never will unless he’s trying to play games with you.

For one, a guy really into you will seek to spend as much time as he possibly can with you and show you he wants something deeper with you. No matter how romantic a guy is, these are signs you will never see if he’s just being nice.

3. What are the signs a shy coworker likes you?

Even a shy guy will give off signs that are obvious to others on the lookout for these signs.

While he might not show the universal sign most guys do, you can be sure those he does give out will convey the state of his heart.

Some signs a shy coworker gives when he likes you include becoming quiet when you are around (tongue-tied even), smiling a lot at you, stuttering or blushing a lot, and being unable to look you in the eyes.

4. Can a guy like you but not show it?

As women, we pride ourselves on being so intuitive, that we can pick out the subtlest of signs a guy is into us. However, there are those guys who are so adept at hiding their feelings you would never be able to guess.

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