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Sex After Baby: Does It Get Better or Worse?

by Muobo
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Does Sex Get Better or Worse After Baby?

Is sex after baby better or a lot well… less enjoyable? Do you find yourself looking forward to it a lot less than before the baby arrived?

A lot of women report losing interest in sex after giving birth. Too many changes take place in the body and the interest in sex just wanes!

There’s just so much hormonal changes going on that the last thing on your mind is sex.

However, while you are experiencing this continual drop in interest, your partner is gunning for it and counting the minutes after haven waited the customary six to eight weeks post delivery, until you both can be intimate again.

With this extreme clash in sexual interest, you both could start to experience some problems in your sexual life, until this issue is looked into and the reasons for the libido changes understood.

Sex after baby
Sex after baby: good or bad?

What Causes a Loss of Interest in Sex After Baby?

What causes this drastic loss of interest in sex? And what are the ways to overcome them?

Here are some likely problems you can face and easy solutions to apply to get your groove back.

1.Your Vaginal Muscles Become Slacked and Loosened

You have pushed out a tiny human from your vaginal and this has taken its toll and slackened your vaginal walls.

You will definitely notice this change the first few times you and your partner get it on. But its nothing to worry about as the vaginal is very pliable and these walls should firm up within months. However, if you do experience delays, you can engage in some kegel exercise, or use aloe vera your vagina back to shape.

2.Painful intercourse

The first time you have sex after the six weeks wait, you may experience some pains. This is because the vaginal has gotten tender and dry due to the raging hormones in your body. Again, this will correct itself, but you can assist the situation by making use of water-based lubricants to ease friction.

You usually can get a good water-base lube at a store and at a fairly good price too.

3.You Feel Self-Conscious

It is not uncommon to feel self conscious as your body would have changed drastically and you may still have some curves and ‘battle-scars’ that are not flattering. You should talk this over with your partner and if it helps, you both can decide to turn off the light while you work at shedding those extra weight or eliminating those new changes.

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4.Your Breasts Become More Tender and Leaky

You will also discover that your breasts will get sore and will tend to release milk during sex. This can make you uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially the first time it happens.

You can work around this problem by wearing a nursing bra during sex to reduce how much breast milk gets released or you and your partner can just make light of the situation and act like its no big deal, unless you find it uncomfortable to do so.

Sex after baby
Sex after baby can be fun again

5.Your Libido May be Low for a Long Time

Yet another sex problem you’re likely to face after baby is a low libido, which could persist for a long time, even as much as a year. This happens because, your breastfeeding hormone, prolactin, prevents the release of estrogen, an important sex hormone that increases sex drive in women.

You can build your libido again by having a talk with your partner and taking it slow. Give your body enough room to recover and take time to ease into each sex act each time.

6.Sore Perineum

You are also likely to have a sore perineum after baby and it would be a lot more sore if you had an episiotomy (a slight cut done to your perineum to ease the birth of your baby).

Such after such an incident would be painful and you might both want to concentrate on other things for a while, like spending more time bonding with the baby, until you are sufficiently healed.


Fatigue is yet another problem you are likely to experience after the birth of your baby and sex becomes at the least of the things you want to do.

A newborn requires so much attention and care and you expend so much energy meeting their needs that you are left physically and mentally drained at the end of the day.

To combat this, you and your partner might want go look into switching roles sometimes (ones that can be switched), like him watching over the baby while you catch a few hours of sleep or him bottle feeding the baby with some previously expressed breastmilk.

When you both work things out this way you will find you get tired less often and can still have an exciting sex life, even after the birth of your baby.

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