Scam: 7 Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

by Muobo
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Scam artists exist, scheming to defraud innocent citizens of their hard-earned money and no matter how enlightened you think you are to their ways, you are vulnerable and may fall victims when you least expect.

These fraudsters are of diverse races and ages, existing in all corners of the world. They are computer hackers, internet swindlers, love fraudsters, impostors, or that seemingly innocents looking guy on your contact just waiting to scam you of your hard earned funds.

Sadly, we don’t know who these guys are, neither can we recognize them by their looks. We can, however, become more knowledgeable of new scam methods as they come up with so we beat these guys at their own game.

Here are Seven Tried and True Methods of Protecting Yourself yourself Scam

1.Keep Your Password Safe
All these guys need passwords to your accounts and your funds would be transferred PayPal n minutes.

Save your passwords to your email and use only when needed.

Also, ensure you are fully at alert when you have your password copied as quite a number people have gotten distracted and pasted their passwords out in the open.

Keep these passwords safe and your funds stay protected.

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2.Never Ever Save Your Password on a Public System

Some browsers have the option of saving your password the first time you enter it. Never, ever go for this option if you are using a public system.

While it might be stressful entering your password every time you have to log into that particular account, it would be more stressful losing funds you spent countless hours working for.

Safety Tips When Carrying Out Transactions

3.Go with Your Guts Always

Most people who have been in business for a number of years are usually able to smell a rat a mile away. However, some make the mistake of ignoring this feeling and then they get scammed. If your guts tell you something is wrong, listen to it

4.Redeeming Prizes is Usually Free
Most genuine companies would never collect cash from you before you can redeem a prize. If a company insists on a fee, it most likely is a scam and you should avoid it.

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5.Carry Out a Thorough Check
If you can, carry out a thorough check on a company before doing business. The internet is free and you’d be amazed at what you’ll find at the click of a button.

6.Carry Out Transactions Based on Referrals
Find out from friends or acquaintances if a prospective business partner is trustworthy before proceeded. Employing this method will save you countless wasted hours, not to mention keep your money safe.

7.Always Insist on a Meet
A face-to-face meet is another good way to avoid getting scammed. Most scammers would balk at this idea and you’d have saved yourself the time and stress.

If a meet isn’t possible, you should insist on an escrow or a trusted go-between and only release funds when you have received your goods and ascertain they are in a good condition.

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