13 Simple Rules of Happiness Every Woman Should Live By

13 Simple Rules of Happiness Every Woman Should Live By

Like most things in life, there are rules to guarantee happiness. Life can be as hard or as easy as you’d like. Here are 13 easy rules of happiness that will guarantee you get more of the later.

The world we live in a very vast one. Situations; both good and bad are constantly vying for dominance in our lives. You have to pursue the good and in the same vein, make the conscious effort to seek happiness in your life.

Life can be as happy you want it, if you learn to do things the right way. For every course in life, there are a few rules or tips you can follow to be happy.

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Rules of happiness
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13 Rules of Happiness for Women

Here are a few tried and true rules/tips that bring happiness into your life as a woman.

1.Live Within Your Means
Learning to live within your means is one of the guaranteed ways of being content and happy always.

Most people try to impress others by living a life that isn’t real. They acquire luxury items they most likely don’t need and probably can’t afford, just to keep up with the Jonesses.

A few years ago, I was in a company where we were paid just enough to get by. Knowing how little the earning was, a lot of us struggled to live comfortably on this until the next pay.

There was however, one colleague who was different. She would get luxury bags and expensive creams just because she struggled to fit in with a group of ladies from a nearby company who earned better. It never came as a surprise when she completely ran out of her salary barely a week after we got paid.

If you live above your means, you will end up like this lady and struggle with lack and penury, a situation that will definitely make you unhappy.

2.Surround Yourself with People that Make You Happy

Happiness is contagious. If you stay with people who always see a reason to be happy no matter the circumstance, you will find this gradually becomes your lifestyle.

Surround yourself with happy people and you will also be happy.

3.Find a Goal You Walk Towards Daily
Find something you can live for. There aren’t many things as fulfilling as achieving a goal, no matter how little the achievement. It gives you this joy and sense of pride that lingers.

Find a goal or passion you can commit to and you will see your life gets filled with fulfilment and joy.

4.Go Into Every Relationship without Marriage as its Goal
A lot of women go into relationships with the mindset it must end it marriage. When this doesn’t happen, especially if the relationship spanned a few years, they end up broken and devastated.

While it’s good to define your relationship from the get-go and have marriage as a possible destination, you should keep an open mind and know the relationship may end up in a way you don’t expect.

With this mindset, you get cushioned from the crushing disappointment you’d otherwise feel if the relationship ends.

Enjoy the relationship while you are in it; have fun and give it your all, while you hope for the best if you find your partner is someone you would want to be with forever.

Rules of happiness
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5.Stop Worrying about Things You Can’t Change
Worrying changes nothing. If anything, it puts you at risk of health complications like anxiety, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and sleep difficulties.

6.Find Something to be Grateful For Daily
No matter how tough life is or whatever curve life throws at you, there are always things to be grateful for. It could be the fact that you are alive and healthy, the career you have and how far you have come in it, or the love of family and friends around you.

You need only locate that reason and be thankful for and hold on to it.

7.Don’t Hold Grudges
Don’t hold grudges. Holding grudges is more damaging to you than the person that offended you. You constantly thing of the offence and this causes you stress.

A better way would be to let a person know immediately they hurt you, that way they apologize and you also get saved from the stress.

8.Ignore Things that Don’t Really Matter
Not everything should be taken seriously. Learn to overlook and ignore a lot of things to truly be happy.

Stop thinking everyone is talking about you. Chances are, they are buried deep in their own problems and don’t even remember you.

If people do talk about you, never let it bother you so long as you know you’re doing things right.

9.People’s Opinion of You Don’t Matter
Never allow anyone make you feel bad. Avoid negative people as their negativity will rub off on you over time.

Never allow anyone make you feel inferior. You alone decide how other treat you.

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More Rules of Happiness to Live By…

10.Live a Life of Gratitude
Always live a life filled with love and gratitude.

There’s so much to be thankful for. Find out each day and show gratitude for these.

11.Ditch the Habit of Self Comparison
Don’t ever compare yourself to others. You’ll always come out short when you compare your weakness against their strength.

Understand that every single person has weaknesses alongside their strengths. Learn to accept yourself as you are. See your flaws as a part of what makes you an imperfect masterpiece.

12.Be a Cheerful Giver
Give to others always without expecting to receive. Understand that most times, people you give to out of love won’t only not give you back, but would also likely hurt you.

When you give, do so with a free mind of helping another and don’t expect to get anything in return.

13.Get Some ‘Me’ Time and Pamper Yourself Silly
You matter, and you should know this. So while you might want to spend every waking moment giving the best to your man and the kid, understand that you also deserve some TLC.

Take some time off regularly and pamper yourself silly. Go to the spa, get a massage, see that flick you’ve been dying to see, hang out with the girls and catch up on old times. And please accept that this isn’t you being self-centered, it is you giving love to a beautiful, giving, woman who truly deserves it.

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