83 Deep Relationship Questions that Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

83 Deep Relationship Questions that Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Relationship questions are a great way to pass time with your boyfriend. It’s always a lot of fun asking these questions and listening to your partner’s responses to them.

There’s also the fact asking these questions will help you get to know your partner on a deeper level as well as take your relationship to that next point.

So, if you would love to try this game out, here are 83 deep questions you can ask:

Fun Relationship Questions About You

1) Can you remember the exact day we met?

2) What went through your mind that first day?

3) How do you feel anytime we’re together?

4) What three things do you like about me?

5) What’s the one thing I do that you don’t exactly like?

6) How long did you think of kissing me before you actually did?

7) Was it all you expected or would you have wanted it to go differently?

8) Do my kisses still thrill you?

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9) At what point did you realize you would like a monogamous relationship?

10) How would you describe our sex life?

11) What fun thing would you like added?

12) Are you a jealous boyfriend?

13) How would you react to a guy hitting on me?

14) Do you know my love language?

15) Do I snore when I sleep?

Relationship questions to ask him

Relationship Questions About Him

1) How would you describe yourself?

2) What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

3) Would you say you had a good relationship with your parents growing up?

4) Which of your parents did you feel closer to growing up?

5) Do you still feel that way or have your affections shifted?

6) Do your parents inspire you?

7) What one great lesson did you learn from either of them?

8) What’s the nicest thing someone’s ever done for you?

9) What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

10) What three qualities would you say describe you?

11) What bad habits do you have?

12) What one regret still haunts you to date?

13) What are your pet peeves?

14) What qualities do you like the most in a woman?

15) What qualities do you dislike in a woman?

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16) What one thing has a partner done to you that you found hard to forget?

17) What would your ideal date be like?

18) What’s your idea of a fun day?

19) Who are you closest to in your family?

20) Which celebrity do you look up to and why?

21) Why did you choose the career you did?

22) Do you love it? If no, what do you thing you can do to change it?

23) What are your thoughts about savings and investment? Would you say you were a spender or a saver?

24) Where do you see yourself career -wise and financially in five years?

25) What’s your favourite way to pass the time?

26) What’s your most embarrassing moment and how did you handle it?

27) Do you like public display of affection?

28) What’s your love language? What one thing should your partner do to make you feel valued?

29) Do you communicate when you feel dissatisfied in a relation or would you rather ‘ghost’ your partner?

30) What’s your favourite sport? Why do you like it?

Relationship questions
Relationship questions

Deep Questions to Ask Him

1) How many sexual partners have you had?

2) Have you ever gotten tested for STDs?

3) Would you be willing to get tested with me?

4) How would you handle it if you found out you got infected by your partner?

5) Do you have any sexual fantasies? What are they?

6) What one thing do you wish you could do differently?

7) Do you think it’s okay to keep an active line of communication with an ex?

8) What’s the one painful thing a friend did to you?

9) What are your deal breakers in a relationship?

10) What are your views on cheating?

11) What are your views on divorce?

12) Do you see us getting married in the near future?

13) Do you want children in the near future? How many would you be okay with?

14) How would you handle a job loss?

15) Would you feel threatened if your partner earned more than you did?

16) What are your views on a career woman?

17) If I had to work late some days, would you be okay with cooking or ordering dinner for the both of us?

18) What one mistake do you regret till date?

19) If you could have one superpower which would it be and why?

20) How would you handle being accused wrongly?

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21) How do you react under pressure?

22) Whose needs would you put first if it ever came down to it- your wife’s or your mother’s?

23) How would you handle a situation where a waiter got your orders wrong?

24) What are you most scared of?

25) Which do you prefer – calls or texts and why?

26) What are your three biggest weaknesses? How do you handle them?

27) What are your views about relatives staying with you?

28) How would you react if I called you at 1am needing help urgently?

29) Do you have a savings culture?

30) If you had just three months to live what would you do differently?

31) What are your expectations financially of your future wife?

32) Would you want her to contribute in major ways to your bills and finances?

33) What beliefs do you hold dear?

34) What is your relationship with your mother, father and siblings?

35) Do you like animals? Which is your favourite?

36) What do you consider the most important thing to you?

37) What one advice would you give your younger self?

38) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

39) If you had the ability to read someone’s thoughts whose would it be and why?

40) What are you most grateful for?

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