Protein treatment for hair

Protein Treatment for Hair: Get Healthy Hair in No Time

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Protein Treatment for Hair: Get Healthy Hair in No Time

Every woman wants a healthy head of hair. No matter your style of taste, you want hair that is healthy, rich and luscious looking. While a few woman can achieve this with very minimal effort, for a few others,this can only be achieved using the right or a combination of the hair products and this includes the right protein treatment for hair.

Women who want healthy hair find they have to pay extra attention to their hair. The hair may be a shaft and be considered non-living, but the follicle is and like all living things, it needs the right nutrient and care to thrive.

There are some products you can use for your hair that will give you that long, lustrous hair you crave and the good new is, most of these products are natural and can be got from your kitchen pantry.

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There are hair masks or hair protein treatments that offer protection to your hair. These hair masks work by strengthening your hair strands from the root to prevent hair thinning or breakage.

There are quite a few protein treatments you can go for and one of them is the Egg and Yogurt Hair Mask.

Here is one of such hair treatments that can be prepared in less than one hour

Protein treatment for hair
Protein treatment for hair

The Right Protein Treatment for Hair Recipes

Recipe One


1 Large Egg
2 Teaspoons Yogurt
1 Capsule Fish Oil

1. Crack your egg into a bowl and gently scoop out the yolk into a separate bowl.

2. Stir in your yogurt into the bowl with the egg yolk and continue stirring until both are well mixed.

3. Next, open your fish oil capsule and also pour this this.

4. Stir all ingredients until well mixed, then wash, towel dry and section hair into small bits.

5. Using a tail comb, apply this hair mask from the root of your hair to the tip, making sure it touches every strand.

6. For a stronger effect, massage the hair mask in for five minutes once you are done applying.

7. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for 40 – 45 minutes.

8. Once the time elapses, wash off the mask with shampoo and lukewarm water, then condition hair.

9.Next, towel dry hair and style as usual.

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Recipe Two


  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1 Large Avocado
  • 2-3 Teaspoons Coconut or Jojoba Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Fresh Aloe Vera Juice (optional)


1. Crack egg into a bowl and gently scoop out the yolk into a separate bowl.

2.Peel and mash avocado in a separate bowl, then stir in coconut oil and aloe vera

3.Next, stir your egg in an continue storing until well mixed.

4.Wash, towel dry and section hair into 3 or 4 parts and using a tail comb, apply this protein treatment from the root to the tip.

5. Cover hair for 40 minutes using a showercap, then wash off as usual.

You should repeat this treat every other month or once in three month to maintain your healthy hair.

Protein treatment for hair
Protein treatment for hair

Other Tips to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Using a protein treatment for your hair every other month is one if the best ways to ensure tour hair follicles get he adequate treatment they need to grow healthy. However, a few other equally effective hair growth treatments it tips you can apply for the same result include:

1.Eat a balanced diet and include food rich in antioxidants like carrots, apricots, leaks, onions and garlic. Also include more protein as the hair is made of protein and needs this to replenish.

2.Massage your hair often. Massaging your scalp is great for your hair as it gets more blood flowing to hat region, which invariably means more nutrients get transported to your hair follicle.

3.Wash your hair less often as doing so more often strips it if its natural oil, leaving it dry and prone to breakage.

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4.You might also want to carry out a hot oil treatment a night prior to when you wash your hair. To do his, warm some oil and apply his to your scalp. Keep hair covered for a few hours or overnight to allow it penetrate.

5.Avoid handling wet hair as its very vulnerable at his stage and prone to breakage.

6. Carry out a protein treatment for hair consistently, but do so every other month as too much protein can make your hair hard and prone to breakage.

7. Condition your hair every time you wash to prevent knots that could break your hair.

8.Keep hair in protective styles (braided) while you sleep.

9.Avoid hairstyles that are too tight and put too much pressure on your hair, especially your hairline.

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10.Avoid or limit hair colour and frequent processing as much as you can.

11. Get your hair trimmed every six weeks to eliminate any possible split ends.

12. Go on supplements as these will fill in the gaps on any nutrient you might not be getting in the right quantity.

13.Taken collagen to boost healthy hair.

14.Use a shampoo and a conditioner that promise healthy, thick hair and deliver on this promise.

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