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Prayer Time: 45+ Powerful Prayers to Pray Over Your Kids

by Muobo
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Prayer Time : 45+ Prayers You Can Pray Over Your Kids

Prayer time should be a part of every parent life. Here are 50 prayers to pray over your child always.

I pray for my daughter every chance I get. As a mother, I know how especially important it is for us to commit these little ones into God’s care, and I don’t miss any opportunity to do so during my prayer time.

They are so delicate, vulnerable, and impressionable, and with the so much vileness out there these days, someone has to constantly be on the lookout for them.

My prayer time is mostly dominated by prayer for my kid as I pray over every aspect of her life:

  • Her protection
  • Mind
  • Friendships
  • Choices & Decisions, etc

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Here are 45+ prayer points I have compiled over time. They have been of immense benefit to me and I know they will benefit you too.

Prayer time
Prayer time

Prayer Time : Prayers Over Your Children

50. I destroy every relationship that is not God ordained in my children’s lives.

  1. Our Father, we decree and declare that my children are products if excellence and are tremendously blessed.
  2. We decree that my children will be the best in all they are or do. They will have the highest ranking in their education, among their peers or in their career.
  3. Our Father, we pray that the anointing for excellence and the power to be blessed is upon my children every day of their lives and everywhere they go.
  4. Lord you have given us all talents and giftings. I ask that You develop the ones within these children and You let these talents speak for the~¦αα¢m. Make my children make them well known all over the world by the works of their hands in the mighty name of Jesus.
  5. Lord, we lift our children before Your throne of grace and mercy. We ask that Your book of remembrance be opened unto them. Let them be remembered and promoted in their academics, career, business, or marriage in Jesus name.
  6. Our Father, we know we are all sinners and not worthy of Your love or mercy. We pray only that you remember us all and forgive our iniquities. Remember our children daily in your divine mercy in Jesus name.
  7. Our Father, we bless and worship Your name for your protection and preservation over our lives. Thank you for my children; for how far you have brought them and for keeping them till this very present time.
  8. Lord God, Your word says in Mathew 7:7 that “I should ask and I shall receive……” we ask that You crown our children with success and multiply them greatly.
  9. Our Father, we pray that You raise men and nations to seek them out to favour them.
  10. O Lord, we ask that you make them become great nations that will be sought out by all the world over.
  11. Lord, let Your covenant of peace, good health, long life, and prosperity be established and activated in the lives of our children. Let them operate under the umbrella of this divine covenant every minute of their lives in Jesus name.
  12. Lord, we decree that my children are divinely blessed. The works of their hands shall yield forth fruits always. They shall prosper and become financial pillars and lenders to nations in the name of Jesus.
  13. Our Father, raise helpers for our children. Let men rise and fight to help and bless them. They shall not struggle to succeed in the mighty name of Jesus.
  14. Lord, we decree that our children shall not be victims of the current evils in the land. They are shielded at noonday and covered at night. No power of (mention the evil) shall claim our children in the mighty name of Jesus.
  15. We decree our children are strong mighty leaders everywhere they go.
  16. We exclude our children from rape, from jail, from kidnap, from abduction, from drugs, from terrorists, from every evil pop culture in the world.
  17. We decree the devil has no hold over our children or their destinies and erase their names from his list in the mighty name of Jesus.
  18. We snatch our children out of the destructive claws of the devil and his cohorts and decree their hold broken forever in Jesus name.
  19. The seeds of our loins shall not come to waste; we shall not cry over any child nor bury them in Jesus name.
  20. It is the wish and prayer of every parent to reap the reward of their toil over their children. We decree I shall not be represented on our days of joy when it’s time to celebrate over my kids as I shall be there myself. Every plan of the enemy to steal or But our joy is nullified in the mighty name of Jesus.

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Prayer time
Women praying
  1. Our Father, we decree that our children shall grow up to love You, Lord. we pray that you keep their hearts ever stayed on You. Remove any relationship that will turn their faces from You and Your presence in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. We cast away evil from our children’s lives and declare it shall not come near them. A thousand may fall at their right and ten thousand at their left, but they are protected from it all.
  3. Because your word says we should make a decree and it shall be established , we decree that every evil plan drafted for my children is returning to its perpetrators. We pray my children will not see nor suffer evil in Jesus name.
  4. We declare that they also will not suffer for other people’s crimes or mistakes in Jesus name.
  5. We pray that our children will not be victims of anybody’s mistake.
  6. We will not shed tears over our children. We pray that the devil’s plan over my children be disgraced and frustrated.
  7. We decree our children shall not be victims of kidnappers in the mighty name of Jesus.
  8. We decree our children shall not be victims of stray bullets or mass shooting/killings in the mighty name of Jesus.
  9. Our Father, we declare our children are covered by the blood of Jesus and protected from the attacks of serial killers, hired killers, or psychopaths in Jesus name.
  10. You troubler of my children’s lives and destinies, we command you to get troubled by problems too big for you to handle so you forget about our children. We declare your reign over our children’s lives terminated in Jesus name.

  1. You………… (mention his/her name), you shall not be at the mercy of your siblings. You are the beginning of our strength: the first fruit of my loins. We decree an excellent spirit upon you in Jesus name.
  2. No one will take up your place or position.
  3. Miracles and anointing that will terminate insults, Lord place on our first born.
  4. You will not beg for bread, neither shall you be destitute or a vagabond. The mercy of God will cloth you and fight for you always in Jesus name.
  5. You shall be a godly child and set great examples for your younger ones after you.
  6. We decree that the rest children are highly favoured and divinely connected. They shall be the best among their peers and the best in all they do or wherever they are.
  7. Concerning marriage: our children shall make the right choice for marriage partners. They will not marry the wrong person: people who will bring them down instead of build them up.
  8. Our Father, we decree that strife, bitterness, anger, infidelity, and other such vices or habits that destroy marriages will be far from our children’s home in the mighty name of Jesus.
  9. Our children’s destiny shall not be used to balance evil accounts.
  10. In our time of harvest over our children I will not mourn.
  11. We will not do for our children what my children should be doing for me.
  12. Our seed shall be strong in every way.
  13. The Lord will distinguish our seed.
  14. Let the blood of Jesus flow over our children from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet to melt away every garment of disfavour, disgrace and shame, delay, lack, sickness, financial challenges, stagnancy from my children’s lives.
  15. We decree our children are clothed with the garment of favour, success, and excellence in Jesus name.
  16. They will never lack food or water. Lord, you will raise men to always meet their needs and sustain them in Jesus name.
  17. Their voices will not be defeated, but will be heard and respected in every place where it matters. Kings and nobles will raise to give ears to their requests in Jesus name.
  18. Lord, we decree that every single mistakes they have made in the past is being converted to miracles in Jesus.
  19. Lord, cause our children to find favour with You and also with men every day of their lives. You will fight for them and they shall hold their peace.

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