Old wives tales

Old Wives Tales: 5 Hilarious Pregnancy Myths You Should Discard

by Muobo
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Old Wives Tales: 5 Hilarious Pregnancy Myths You Should Discard

There are those old wives tales or pregnancy myths that will scare you so much as to make you almost paranoid about your pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman must have heard one or more pregnancy myths during the course of her pregnancy. Some of these myths are downright hilarious, while a few others will shock the pants ( or maternity gown in this case) off you.

Pregnancy myths are spread by well-meaning friends on the lookout for our good, however, even with such good intentions, these myths should be taken as just that and discarded where possible.

Old wives tales
Old wives tales : pregnancy myths

Here are:

5 Old Wives Tales You Should Never Take Too Seriously

Before going into these myths proper, it’s important to note that research has proven that these while seeming and sounding far-fetched, some of these pregnancy myths have some modicum of logic to them, like the number one on the list.

That being said, here are those pregnancy myths you totally should take with a grain of salt:

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Pregnancy Myth #1: Walking Late at Night Exposes Your Baby to Evil Spirits Present in the Surrounding

One common pregnancy myth you should know is that most people believe walking late at night or around noon within the hours of 12 noon to 3pm exposes your baby to evil spirits in the environment.

This same old wives tales believe evil spirits wander at these times and are more attracted to pregnant women, which is why the latter are advised to stay indoors with these times.

It is believed these wandering spirits are likely to enter the pregnant woman and possess the baby, to cause untold havoc in future.

These pregnancy myths are unfounded and most pregnant women who go about their businesses at all hours, have gone ahead to have healthy babies.

However, while the is remains a myth, it does sound logical that a pregnant woman, or any woman for that matter, wouldn’t want to be out late, especially alone.

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Pregnancy Myth #2: Attaching a Safety Pin to Your Dress Wards Evil Spirits Away

Again, it is believed attaching a safety pin to your dress, especially in a conspicuous part (at your belly region), keeps these evil spirits away. Most even believe it is sort of like paying homage to these spirits and when done, the spirits would be appeased and see no need to harm these babies.

I had a lot of senior citizens advice me on this “safety” measure when I was pregnant, some even going as far as giving subtle hints on the dangers of not heeding this pregnancy advice.

Old wives tales
Pregnancy myths: old wives tale

Pregnancy Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Drink Very Cold Water While Pregnant or Your Baby will be Crossed-Eyed

I experienced this a lot while pregnant. Quite a number of people advised me not to drink cold water or any cold drinks, especially from the third trimester or my baby would come out cross-eyed.


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Pregnancy Myth #4: Your Taste Explain Your Baby Gender

Myth also has it that your cravings during pregnancy explain your baby’s gender. If you crave sweet things a lot, you are definitely having a girl, while a salty craving means you will have a boy.

Pregnancy Myth #5: How the Pregnancy is Position

Again, there is the old wives tale that how a pregnancy is positioned determines the baby’s sex. Carrying a baby high means you’re carrying a girl, while carrying low means your baby is a boy.

While a lot of people are coming to see these tips as baseless and not attaching much importance to them, there are some culture that still hold on strongly to these pregnancy myths, believing them to be sacred and worthy of preservation.

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