Nigeria Sports Journalist Bunmi Ashebu Dies After Months-Long Battle with Cancer

by Muobo
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Popular celebrity sports journalist, Bunmi Ashebu, has lost in the battle against cancer.

Late Bunmi who was 42 as at the time of her death, was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a very rare form of bile duct cancer. Her diagnosis came a bit late as the cancer was already at stage 4 and had spread to her liver.

Few months back, there was a public appeal to raise the needed funds for Bunmi’s treatment abroad, a gofundme account was set up for her and she was flown to a German hospital for treatment.

Sadly, her system started reacting to the chemotherapy treatment after only six weeks and she was given the sad news (on the 20th of August, 2018) her organs were failing due to it. She was consequently given the further sad news she had only one week to live.

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Luckily, Bunmi fought and held on for a little while longer, up until her death on February 12th, 2019.

One of Ashebu’s friends took to her Facebook page to share the following sad, but heartfelt message:

“With deep sorrow in my heart, I commend you my dear friend to God. May he forgive all your sins and set you among those he has chosen and may you find rest and enjoy in his arms forever. Amen.

Olubunmi Ashebu was a very dear friend to me. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and she has been fighting since then. She was a strong fighter, a warrior, and she never gave up till the last minute but God said it is time for her to rest.

This is to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for everýthing you did when helping her fight the cancer. Thank you for your huge donations towards the treatments, your prayers and wonderful messages. We all tried to help her fight it but God knows best! May God continúe to keep and protect everyone of you and may you know no sorrow IJN. Amen.

Please grant my dear friend eternal rest Oh Lord!. Amen

Ashebubu, life is just so unfair! It is so hard to believe you are gone, it is so hard to use past tense for you and so so hard to know for sure that I will not see your beautiful smile again. You were such an Angel, a true example of selflesness and a good friend indeed!

Just like a dear person told me this night, my consolatión should be that you are no more in pain, no more suffering, you are now resting…

Goodnight Sweetheart!”

Other friends, shocked and pained by Bunmi’s death, have also dropped touching messages on her wall:

“Rest on, deer Bunmi Ashebu. What a sweet soul. Completely heartbroken. My heart goes out to the Ashebu family.”

     Sylvia Uche Nnadi

“Irreplaceable! Rest in peace, my dearest!!”

          Kiki Geh

“So long dear friend and sister…..! @Auntie Monica and Uncle Dave, may the good Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear the loss.”

         Kole Egboche

“We met just once- will remember you as a cheerful, sympathetic person…..RIP

          Siro Escana

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