Need Long-lasting Perfumes? Make Your Perfume Last Longer with These Simple Tricks

by Muobo
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Are you tired of your perfume fading away right after you’ve applied it? Would you like it to last a whole lot longer? Then you have come to the right place.

No one likes splurging on a perfume that was promoted as been long lasting, only to have the fragrance evaporate in an hour or two.

Most of us have also tried a few tips handed down by aunties or friends on how to make our perfume last long, only for these tips to turn out false.

If you would like your perfume to last longer, here are seven tried and trusted ways to achieve this:

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. Moisturize Before Applying
Fragrance love moisture and will bind to your skin better when your skin is moisturized.

You should therefore moisturize your skin first before applying your perfume.

After towel drying, apply a thin film of moisturizer over your skin and apply the perfume right after to lock it in.

2. Use the Same Range of Product
If you aren’t already into using the same range of products, this might be a good time to start.

This is because most products in a range have the same fragrance, which just make it much stronger on you.

So, to make your perfume last long, you should use the wash, moisturizer, body cream, and perfume of the same product.

3. Apply to Your Pulse Points
This is another trick to make your perfume last long. Your pulse point ( the side of you neck, your wrist, inside your elbow, behind your knees, your ankles, and your calves) are regions on your body that holds a fragrance better.

The fragrance binds better to your skin on this points, making it last long.

4. Do Not Rub
Most of us are guilty of this; we apply perfume to one wrist and rub this onto the other.

This act does a lot of harm as it breaks the regular perfume formula, making it evaporate quickly.

5. Your Hair
Your hair is another spot that holds perfume much longer. However, you shouldn’t apply itvdirectly.

You could use a shampoo or conditioner in the perfume’s range of product to strengthen the fragrance or you could also apply it to your hairbrush before brushing.

6. Go for the Right Perfume Type
Eau de Perfume (EDP) is a much better option than it’s counterpart Eau de Toilet (EDT) when considering perfumes as the former contains more oil.

7. Store Appropriately
Direct sunlight or any kind of heat causes damage to your perfume as the heat makes the fragrance evaporate, which is hardly what you need.

To prevent this, store your bottle of perfume in a cool, dry place, like the top of a dresser placed far away from sunlight or heat.

8. Apply to Your Dress
You can also make perfume last longer by applying directly to your dress.

Most dress fabrics are solid and will hold in perfume much longer when applied.

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