Multiple Streams of Income: A Few You Should Try Out

by Muobo
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I’m a firm believer in setting up multiple streams of income as I believe in earning from more than one channel.

Take for example steemit, this is a platform where you can earn a lot of money. However, the earnings isn’t fixed, especially as a beginner without a huge followership or a high SP value. You will therefore earn less than you’d expect, even if you write awesome content, unless Mother Luck chooses to smile on you.

Also, having just one income stream is risky as it could develop technical problems and stop paying for a while or go bust and stop paying altogether.

However if you have more than one income stream, especially if a few of these are passive set up over time, you are guaranteed of a steady income, even when you aren’t actively working.

Here are Some Online Income Streams You Should Check Out


This goes without saying. You earn money here in the form of cryptocurrencies from actively participating in the forum. Monies earned is paid in SBD, Steem, or Steem Power.

You earn on steemit by writing blog posts, commenting on people’s posts, or by taking part in contests found all over the site.

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Mylot is a social networking site with a lot more relaxed tone than steemit. You earn money here from interacting and the more you interact, the higher your earnings.

On mylot, you can write on just about anything: from what you had for lunch to that nice sweater your grandma knit for you. The key here is to have a conversation and keep it going.

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Hubpages is a passive income stream and you earn money by writing articles. These articles must be well-researched and indepth and should be at least 1,150 words long.

You earn by signing up for any of these advert programs on the site:

  • google adsense
    hubpages ad program
    hubpages amazon program
    Money earned is paid into your PayPal account which you link to your hubpages account.


Virily is a fun site and you earn from every activity on the site. Money earned here is called virily and you earn from 1 to 15 virily for different activities. Did I mention you get 10 virily daily just for logging into the site? Yes.

At the end of the month, virils earned are converted to cash which gets paid into your account. The minimum cash-out for PayPal is $10 while you’ll have to accumulate a $100 to request for your earnings via payoneer.

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