Free mtn cheat for data

MTN Cheat for Data: Free Data on the MTN Network

by Muobo
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MTN Cheat for Data: Free Data on the MTN Network

Good news for heavy data users on the MTN network. Did you know you can get free data on the MTN network, and up to 500MB at that using the mtn cheat for data?

That’s true. MTN is rewarding users on its network with free 500MB data plan that can be used to browse at anytime of the day.

Who Qualifies for This Free Data and How Do You Get It?

Every active user on the MTN network qualifies to receive this free data and you can get it under 10 minutes.

To do so, simply download the My MTNApp and you’ll be given the 500MB which you will activate upon opening the app.

Go to Google Play store and type in “My MTNApp to download this free data app. It’s as simple as ABC.

Download and open and it will prompt you to activate your 500MB free data.

Other Things You Can Do on the My MTNApp

Here are a few other things you can do on the app:

– Check your balance.

– Run charge your line via your debit card.

– Buy data.

– Check or change your tariff plan.

– Send free SMS as you also get 10 free SMS slots with the app.

What are you waiting for? Download the My MTNApp free data app today to get your free data and other amazing benefits.

Share this information with family and friends so everyone gets theirs.

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