money troubles

Money Troubles : How to Deal with a Stingy Boyfriend

by Muobo
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Money Troubles : How to Deal with a Stingy Boyfriend

Money troubles is the number one cause of divorce in America.

I once had a friend who was very stingy. The painful part of it all is that he wasn’t just stingy to other, but also was to himself, very much so. He had this morbid fear of spending money, like he would be impoverished forever if he did and this made him hoard every penny that came his way.

Initially, I found it rather cute he was heavy on saving as it meant he wasn’t wasteful. However, as time went on, I got to see his habit for what it truly was and it got frustrating.

I became unhappy, frustrated even having to always pay for things when we went out or to refund 50% of the bill if he did. I felt cheated; like I was being taken advantage of and this slowly made me resentful.

I decided it was time to take a walk when one time, he chose to walk under the rain (which he called a light drizzle,by the way) instead of taking a cab worth just N50.

A lot of women find themselves in a similar situation: you’re with a man who finds it hard to spend money on things that matter. He’s always on the lookout for deals; choosing to take the difficult way out if it means saving a few pennies and it can be difficult being in such a relationship.

This post is in no way saying a man must spend on his woman to be seen as good, but if she’s spending and investing in the relationship and on you, then it’s only fair you reciprocate the gesture, after all, love is both giving and receiving.

If your man is stingy, here are four ways you can deal with the situation:

money troubles
money troubles

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1. Talk with Him

Before you conclude your stingy boyfriend isn’t worth the time anymore, you should have a sit-down with him to discuss how his habit is making you feel.

Chances are, he may not be aware these habits come across as stingy as he might see it as being prudent. He also might be unaware it’s affecting you negatively.

Talk to him and tell him exactly how you feel. Do this without being accusatory or demeaning and chances are he just might start to see things from your point.

money troubles
money troubles

2. Show Him Love by Giving
You may need to set the pace by giving him gifts. Your man will see you giving and will also want to reciprocate the gesture.

However, in giving you should understand that most times, it’s not the amount of the gift that matters but the gesture behind it. So if your man develops the habit of giving but gives things that aren’t pricey, you might want to over look the monetary value for now and show your profound appreciation at the gift.

Seeing you react this way might just inspire him to do more.

3. Start Making Your Own Money
Being with your stingy boyfriend or spouse will be twice as hard on you if you have to rely on him for your financial needs. .

Get financially independent and start earning your own money and you will find you aren’t as affected by your man’s stingy nature.

4. If All Else Fail, Take a Walk
While dating is the time to consider if you’ll be able to survive being with a stingy spouse.

You should know that most qualities and characters get heightened during marriage and his just might. Decide if you’ll be able to over look this part of his nature, especially when it’s time to settle major bills in the family.

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