Man Becomes an Online Sensation After His Act of Kindness Goes Viral

by Muobo
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A man has become an internet sensation after his act of kindness to a young mother went viral.

The man, identified as Joe Hale, asked the mother, Jade West from across a doctor’s waiting room if he could hold her baby while she filled out her forms.

The mother smiled and replied in the affirmative and the man proceeded to rock the baby like he was his child.

Speaking to “Good Morning America” on Monday, the grateful mother had this to say:

” I felt so relieved and appreciated at the fact he wanted to help, he seemed really genuine.”

” He was talking to him (her son) like he was his own grandchild and had known him his whole life. He was just the sweetest.” she continued.

“For a stranger, a white man at that, asking a young black mother if he could hold her baby to help her out, then the way he loved on that baby like it was his own, it almost puts me to tears every time I think about the love you could see radiate from him for that baby,” she said.

She added: “Regardless of skin colour, we are all just human and can love one another! I truly believe that if each one of us do our part and teach our children that colour doesn’t exist, our next generation could be colourblind.”

A Facebook user, Natasha Wilson who shared the event on her timeline had this to say about Hale’s kindness:

“Racism is still VERY real in our society today BUT THIS MAN GAVE ME HOPE & a sweet memory I’ll never forget!!”


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