How to make him want you more

5 Top Secrets to Make Him Want You More and Prioritize the Relationship

by Kamara
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5 Top Secrets to Make Him Want You More and Prioritize the Relationship

Every relationship has a dynamics; at the beginning, this guy is chasing you. He tries to get your number and when he succeeds, starts to send you texts or calls you.

He takes you out on dates and is super attentive and sweet. He’s trying to win your affection and knows he must put in the effort to do so.

If he must, he looks for things that are dear to you and does them. Often. This man is a hunter and your affection is the game.

He knows that to win you, he must invest his time, affection, and every other resource. The more he invests, the more he comes to value you as naturally, people appreciate what they invest in.

You start to return his feelings and consider dating him. You block every other guy wanting to be with you as you and this guy become a couple. This is the next stage of the relationship.

Your relationship continues to blossom and things are blissful. You are fully in love with this guy and are investing as much as he is in the relationship. You couldn’t be happier and wish things would remain at this third stage forever.

However, the dynamics of most relationships always move to this fourth stage most women dread. That loving guy who seemed like he couldn’t do without you suddenly start to be a little less attentive. He doesn’t initiate communication nor reply as fast as he used to. When he does, it’s a one-liner that does nothing to connect with you.

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His distance worries you and you decide to have a heart-to-heart with him. He promises to change but things remain the same or worsen. In panic you complain a little more, this becomes a habit and he draws further and further away.

At this stage, there are only two possible outcomes to the relationship; you walk away, deciding you deserve a man who values you, or you find a way to turn things around and make him want you more.

If the second option is more to your taste, which it would be if you love this man, here are five tips to make him want you more and prioritize your relationship once again.

How to make him want you more
How to make him want you more

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5 Tips to Make Him Want You More

1) Stop Initiating Communication

In a bid to rekindle the fire that once was, you have taken to keeping the lines of communication going. You are the first to text him in the morning, and even when he takes a while to respond, you make excuses for him and continue.

To create value, you will have to change course; pull away a bit, and make him miss you. Doing so will increase his yearning for you.

Men are inherently hunters, it’s a primal need in them. However, they are also resilient and adapt quickly, so if you created a situation of too much availability, you shouldn’t be surprised he has adapted to this and sees no reason to continue to hunt.

When you create scarcity, he will come to miss what you had and initiate communication. When he does, don’t ignore him, but you also don’t want to be too quick to answer; make him wait a bit before you respond.

His becoming laid-back about your relationship took a while and things won’t just snap back to how they were. It would take a when to recreate that value you once had; to make him re-evaluate the whole relationship and you’ll have to prepare your mind for the whole nine yards.

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2) Let Him Invest in You Again

Now, that he has initiated conversation, the first thing on your mind would be to have the talk as to why you had to pull away a little. However, you don’t want to do that just yet.

There will be a right time for this. Now though would be the time to recreate your value by making him chase you again. If he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you, seeing you pull away will make him recommit to you and he will start to reinvest in you once again.

When he starts to call and text again, don’t initiate the full hard-to-get button as this would just backfire on you.

You want to keep things interesting by striking a balance between being a little detached and letting him know you still care.

How to make him want you more
How to make him want you more

3) Prioritize Your Needs. Put Yourself First

If you’ve been going out of your way to show your man how much you’re into him, now would be the time to switch things up a little.

When next he reaches out, don’t be so quick to jump at the opportunity to talk, text, or hang out.

Start to put yourself first. Make plans with the girls or pick up a hobby; just ensure you fill up your social calendar so when he calls at the last minute…oops, you aren’t quite available.

You want to take the attention off him and put it back on yourself. This will make him prioritize and plan his time with you.

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4) Have the Talk

Once he starts to get worried he’s losing you, now would be the time to have that talk.

When you do, you do not want to start by saying:

“Well, you started to ignore me, so I had to pull away to make you value me.”

That would undermine all the hard work you’ve put in and he’ll likely see you as someone playing mind games.

Instead, you want to make him understand, you are looking for a more serious and committed relationship and he didn’t seem to be able to give that which made you confuse.

You both want to talk about what you both want and how you can give each other that.

How to make him want you more
How to make him want you more

5) Making Sure He Doesn’t Pull Away Again

Now that you are both on the same wavelength, how do you ensure he doesn’t pull away again?

Realize that if you go back to being too available, things will once again spiral to that low point. You’ll have to keep things interesting by striking a balance and ensuring you both are investing as much as you should in the relationship at all times.

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