love is blind

Love is Blind: When Love Isn’t Enough….

by Kamara

Love is Blind: When Love Isnt Enough….

Remember the last time you fell in love? The first few weeks (even months) into the relationship was like being on a drug high. You wanted to spending every waking moment with your man and being with him made you feel alive and happy.

Well, being in love does this to everyone and that’s because when you are in love, your body produces more of these chemicals called “neurotransmitters” (oxytocin, phenylethylamine, and dopamine) which are pleasure or feel-good hormones responsible for your constant happy feelings.

While most of us would love for this feeling to continue and for the relationship to blossom into something more permanent, sadly, a lot don’t and the feelings of love and happiness continue to decline until they ebb away.

So why does this happen? Why was the great Romeo-and-Juliet-type love not enough to sustain the relationship? Why did it fail even when it was obvious to all you both were crazy about each other?

love is blind
love is blind

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It did because love is never enough.

Love might be important – very much so-but it isn’t all that’s needed to sustain a relationship.

Here are Five Other Qualities That Determine If a Relationship Will Work or Crash

1. Compatibily
Sooner or later in your relationship, the excitement will slowly subside and this is when the work starts.

You both start to show your true personalities and differences will arise.

While it’s okay to be different, if you both are greatly so in ways that don’t complement each other, this may spell doom for your relationship.

Couples who aren’t compatibility may struggle to be together for a while, but in the end, they mostly always go their separate ways.

2. Mutual Respect
Respect for each other is a pattern found in healthy relationship so and while this doesn’t automatically translate to success in a relationship, it does play an important role.

Couples who lack respect for each other; constantly talk down or try to put the other down, most often never make it.

You should have respect for your partner and show this respect not just through your words, but also through your actions which actually speak louder.

3. Trust
Any relationship lacking in trust is dead on arrival and this is because trust is a major glue that seals a relationship in place.

No one can survive under an atmosphere of mistrust or constant doubt and sooner or later, they will take a walk.

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4. Being a Nag
Nagging is a quality associated with us women, however, a few men also nag and this habit is one silent relationship killer.

No one wants to be around someone who constantly feels they aren’t good enough or never do enough. Since no one really likes being criticised, constantly criticising your partner will make them develop a defensive attitude with you, or worse, build up a wall to keep you and your nagging attitude out of their heart and head.

Love is blind
Love is blind

5. Forcing Him to Change
You cant force a man to change. The desire to do so must come from him or you’d have taken up a task in futility.

If your partner has qualities you aren’t comfortable with you should gently point these out to him without coming across like you are accusing or nagging him.

Also, don’t just tell him to change, show him a better quality to change to and what he stands to gain from being a whole new, better person when he does.

Later on, if you do notice he makes the effort to drop those negative qualities, you should commend his every efforts.

If, on the other hand, he refuses to, you might want to sit down and consider if those qualities are ones you can live with, especially if the relationship is to progress into something more lasting.

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