Lemon Water: What You Should Know About It

by Muobo
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Most of us know lemon is quite rich as a fruit but what we don’t know is just how rich this fruit is and the amazing health benefits we can get from taking it.

Did you know…….

  • That lemon has the second largest deposit of vitamin c in the citrus family, right behind oranges.
  • It is also antibacterial and had 22 compounds for fighting cancer.

Some Other Health Complications Lemon’s Been Known to Treat or Improve Include

  • Scurvy
  • It alkalizes the body
  • It dissolves gallstones
  • It neutralizes free radicals
  • It improves digestion and cleanses the bowel.
  • Its acidic nature makes it impossible for intestinal works to thrive.
  • It aids weight loss and also eliminates stomach fats.
  • It eliminates toxins from the body.
  • Lemon or lemon water is great for bringing relief from certain discomfort or ailments like indigestion, sore throat, mild infection, constipation, cholera, dental problems, fever, and high blood pressure.
  • It dissolves uric acid is is a great remedy for joint pain.
  • Helps fight cold and flu.

What are the Best Ways of Taking Lemon

You can take lemon in one or more of several ways:

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Lemon Water and How You Can Prepare it

  • It can be munched on (if you can stand the intense acidic taste)
  • You can add it as a dressing to your salad.
  • You can add a few drops of it you beverages.
  • You can add one half of a lemon into a glass of warm water and take first thing in the morning.

Besides the obvious advantage that lemon water makes it easier to get lemon into you system as it reduces the acidic taste, it’s also refreshes and hydrates you from within.

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Here’s How to Make a Glass of Healthy Lemon Water


  • 1 Half Lemon
  • 8 Ounces Water
  • Some Freshly Peeled Lemon Skin
  • Honey/Cinnamon/Mint (Optional)

Firstly, dry your lemons peels in a parchment paper or in the oven set at 200 degrees. Once completed dry, grind and store in an air-tight container to be used as you want. Lemon peels contain more vitamin c than the lemon juice itself (about 5-10 times more) It’s also a rich source of fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, and donate.

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1.Squeeze out the juice from the lemon into a glass and sieve.

2.Add juice to the glass of water.

3.Add half a teaspoon of your grind lemon peels.

4.Add in your mint/honey/cinnamon and stir.

5.Drink up your rejuvenating drinks to get the go you need for the day.

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