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Ladies, You Can Make Money Writing Articles on Hubpages

by Kamara

Ladies, You Can Make Money Writing Articles on Hubpages

Ladies, did you know you can make money writing articles on hubpages, and passive income at that which is the best form of income to earn?

The other day at a gathering, a guy kept going on about how women need to drop corporate work and learn how to make money working or writing online. His reasoning was this would give them ample time to spend time with and also nurture their kids while also making money with ease.

Now, while I agree with his point, his method of presenting this option is what I (as well as several of the women present at the meeting) had a problem with.

You see, people are wired differently and while some women would leap at the idea of making money online while in their pajamas, a lot others would cringe at the very idea as, being corporately wired; they’d rather face the hustle and grind of the corporate world.

Women Who Would Love to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you one of the ways you can make money online (and make good money too!). This is a method I have used for a few years now and have seen such tremendous results. It involves writing online and not just on any platform, but on hubpages, a writing site.

Make Money Writing Articles on Hubpages

Hubpages is a revenue-sharing website that shares revenue earned from advertisers with content publishers on the site. It was created in 2006 and has grown with millions of articles published on the site.

Unlike having a regular blog where you are restricted to just one niche or three at best, with hubpages, you can write on just about any topic that catches your fancy. Which means, you can write on a recipe for cakes one day and jump into a political topic the next.

I registered on hubpages in 2010 but sadly, forgot all about it. However, I was doing a google search on the best way to make money writing online when I came across several articles stating how a few people make money writing for hubpages.

Now, the best part about this method of making money is that the money made on hubpages is mostly passive income; you write a hub today and earn from it for years to come.

make money writing articles
make money writing articles

Lessons I Learnt Writing for Hubpages

I created about 21 articles my first two months of being active on Hubpages (after being inactive 10 years) and expected to hit payout at the very latest, at the end of the second month. You can imagine my shock when I checked my earnings to see I’d only made a whooping $2.30!

I was greatly discouraged. I couldn’t imagine earning such peanuts from the several hours I’d put into writing, editing, and publishing those articles. I felt the site was a time-waster and not worth the time.

However, a little tour around hubpages forum (where you can get tons of really helpful advice if you ever need any) made me realize that while you can make money writing on Hubpages, it is never instant as it would requires a lot of work at the very beginning.

From the information gotten, I got to know I shouldn’t expect to make any money for about a year writing on the site, but should instead, concentrate on producing quality hubs and the money would come looking for me later on.

I was also given a lot of helpful tips to ensure my hubs are well-written as this is what guarantees you will make money on the site and I’m going to be sharing these tips with you that helped me a great deal.

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Helpful Tips to Make Money Writing Articles on Hubpages Producing Quality Hubs/Articles

1.Search Out Topics in Demand

To make money on hubpages the first thing you’d have to do is write hubs on topics that solve a problem(s) around you. .People are looking for quick or lasting solutions to their problems and if your hubs offer these, you will make money over time.

2.Produce Well-optimised Hubs

Next, ensure your hubs are keyword optimised. It is one thing to have a hub that offers solutions to people’s problems, however, if these hubs aren’t being found, you won’t make a dime.

What this means is that your hub should include one or more keywords people are searching for.

There are a few Keyword Research Tools you can make use of to find out what people are searching for online. These tools won’t just tell you how many times these keywords are searched for monthly, but will go further to tell you the bid price for each keywords.

Some good keyword research tools you can make use of include:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest
  • Keyword

Once you have determined the keywords to be used, you should go ahead to include these in your article, making sure they don’t appear more than 1-3% of your entire article word count or your content would be flagged and possibly blacklisted for keyword stuffing.

You should however ensure one or more of these keywords appear in your hub title and in the first paragraph of your article (very close to the beginning).

You can choose to mix up your keywords i.e make use of keywords that have very high search volumes but are highly competitive along with some that have very low competition.

3.Produce Quality Hubs of a Reasonable Length

You also want to ensure your hub is quite long, at least 900 words long but preferably 1,500 or more in length.

The benefit of having a hub with more words is that hubpages tends to feature hubs that are at least 900 words long. With this, you get the benefits of your hub having a high tendency of ranking in search engines and also appearing in the Read More tab of other hubs.

4.Make Use of High Resolution Pictures

To make money writing articles on Hubpages, you want to include at least three high resolution photos that are related to your hub content. Your images should also be royalty free.

You can get royalty free images at the following sites:

Also, ensure you properly attribute the sites you got each image from before hitting the Publish button.

Make money writing articles on hubpages
Make money writing articles on hubpages

5.Make Use of Subheadings

To prevent this, make use of sub headings to breakup your content. Not only does this make your hub attractive to the eyes, it also help Google know what your hub is about, making it easier to drive more traffic your way.

Since a lot more people are also trying to make money on the site, you want to increase your chances by producing eye-catching content that will arrest and keep the reader. You don’t want them hitting the back buttons after only been in your hub for a few seconds.

Ensure you include the keywords you want to rank for in these subheadings while at it.

6.Include a Good Summary to Every Hub You Publish.

This is what appears in search engines. You want to make it so good, people would be moved to click through to your hub.

7.Publish Hubs Regularly.

As earlier said, to make money from your writing on hubpages, you need a few hubs that have been in the system for some time.

While unproven, it is believed the benchmark of hubs to have before you can make money on hubpages is 50 quality hubs.

You should disregard this information and concentrate instead on having fun as you publish one quality hub after the other.

8.Interact with Others on the Site

While most of the traffic you will get to your hubs will come from search engines, a lot will also come from within the site from fellow hubbers who will see your hubs in the Read More tab or from comments you drop on other hubs.

You want to increase the chances of getting more of this traffic by checking out other hubs and dropping honest and insightful comments.

Make money writing articles
Make money writing articles online

Ways to Make Money on Hubpages

Producing quality hubs is just half the job. You could get a million views to your hubs, but if they aren’t monetized in any way, these views would be just that – views.

There are three ways you can make money writing articles on hubpages and they include:

1.Through the Google Adsense Programme

You should sign up for the Google Adsense programme through hubpages once you have at least 10 well written hubs and your account would be reviewed within 24 hours.

If approved, you’d need to link your Google Adsense account to your Hubpages account by copying your publisher ID to the space provided for it in your Hubpages earning dashboard.

Once both accounts get linked, ads will begin to appear on your articles/hubs and you make money when a visitor clicks on any of these ads.

To view your earnings for the day, click on the Google Adsense tab on your Hubpages earning dashboard or head over to and sign in directly.

2.Make Money by Signing Up for the Hubpages Affiliate and Earning Programme

You would be needing a google Adsense account to sign up for this program. Once you do, hubpages will start to show a mixture of their unique ads alongside ads by the google Adsense programme and you stand to make a lot more money from this mixture.

3.Make Money by Signing Up for the Amazon Affiliate Programme

You can also sign up for Amazon affiliate programme and include an Amazon affiliate capsule in your hub.

This capsule displays the product on sale and you make money once a visitor makes a purchase via your link.

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