Ladies Here’s How to Peel Garlic Quickly

by Muobo
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Garlic has an awful smell that permeates the air and clings to you when you handle them, and most times, you want to get the task of peeling or chopping them over and done with to minimize the smell on you.

The regular method involves using a sharp knife to painstakingly peel the skin off each clove of garlic, while you suffocate under that pungent smell.

There are however, other simpler ways you can get the whole garlic peeled as quickly as possible, and most times you can achieve this in less than 10 seconds.

Here are Some Methods You Can Use

Peel Using Two Bowls

Place whole garlic into a bowl and cover with another bowl, bottom facing down. You want to get both bowls so close that the garlic gets wedged between and then squash with the bowl on top. This will separate the skin from the flesh and make it easy to peel.

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Soak in Water
Drop the whole garlic into a bowl of water or separate the whole into gloves before dropping and let it soak for a few minutes. This will loosen the skin, making it easy to come off. Using a whisk, beat lightly at the water for a minute to get the skin completely off.

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Microwave the Garlic
Place whole garlic in a microwave turned to low heat and let it sit for a few seconds. The skin will turn brown and loosen and will separate from the flesh when you stroke between your fingers.

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Using a Mallet
Place whole garlic on a smooth surface, preferably your table top and cover with a kitchen napkin. Use a mallet to pound at it a few times gently to loosen the skin.

Once done, remove the cloth and gently stroke the garlic between your fingers to get the skins off completely.

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