is sugar harmful

Is Sugar Harmful? 7 Ways Sugar is Bad for You as a Woman

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Is Sugar Harmful? 7 Ways Sugar is Bad for You as a Woman

Is sugar harmful? Is a question that has crossed the minds of most people. If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, here are some facts that will show the harmful effects of sugar to the body and why you should limit it.

Sugar may taste great, but too much of it can and will harm your body. It is one of the oldest ingredients in the world, however, this doesn’t in any way reduce the harm it does to the body when taken in excess.

Women are generally known to be sweet-toothed and on average most women take over 270 calories of sugar daily from foods like sugary drinks, puddings, milkshakes, cakes, fruit juice, pastries and cookies.

The American Heart Association recommends that adult women should take no more than 24 grams, or 6 teaspoons daily and while the body does actually need some amount of sugar daily for energy and also to function properly too much of it can be counterproductive and affect the proper functioning of some major organs in your body.

Sugar affects women in a lot of negative ways, including causing a spike in the some key organs like the heart, womb, kidneys, the endocrine system and the skin.

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Is Sugar Harmful? Here are Some Shocking Facts about Sugar that Prove It is

1.Sugar is an empty caloric food; what this means it comes with lots of calories but no nutrient benefits. When you added sugar to your meals, you get the extra calories without any added nutritional values.

2.Taking too much sugar reduces the survival rate of breast cancer and colon cancer patients.

3.Sugar cause more deaths than is reported and a 2013 study found that an estimated 180,000 deaths are as a result of sweetened-beverage intake.

4.Sugar is one food that does not create feelings of satiety. To get that, you should eat foods high in fiber and protein.

5.Lemons have been found to contain more sugar than strawberries.

6.One of the harmful effects of sugar is that it destroys tissues when it stays in the body for too long.

7.The regular bottle of soft drink comes with 8-10 teaspoons of sugar, which is just about or already over your daily required need.

is sugar harmful
is sugar harmful

7 Harmful Effects of Sugar

Here are some of the ways sugar harms you

1) It Increases Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

There is an age-long belief that sugar causes diabetes, but research has proven this to be false. However, while sugar doesn’t exactly cause diabetes, it greatly increases your risk of this disease. Taking too much sugar will cause you to have too much sugar in your bloodstream and also make you gain too much weight, two factors that have been linked to type 2 diabetes.

With sugar staying in your blood, the result is your body producing less insulin, which in turn means the food you doesn’t get converted into the energy needed by your body.

2) Excess Sugar Intake Leads to Tooth Decay

Sugar is also bad for the health of your teeth. The sugar you take in mixes with the bacteria present in your mouth to produce an acid that eats at your tooth enamel. Now, while the enamel is the strongest substance in the body, constant attack by this acid will cause it to wear out overtime, leading to tooth decay and tooth cavities.

If you take sugar constantly, you should make it a habit to rinse your mouth with water immediately, brush twice daily or take some milk to neutralize the effect of this acid.

3) It Increases Fibroid Sizes

Studies have shown that 20% of women may have fibroids in their childbearing years. This figure gets alarming as over 50% of women will go on to develop fibroids by age 50. Fibroids are also more prevalent in African-American women and it is recommended women do everything to prevent it.

Sugar has a negative impact on fibroid. Too much of it actually causes the fibroid to increase in size, making your stomach appear larger. Women with already large fibroids are advised to adjust their diet to prevent these fibroids from getting any bigger.

4) It Increases Your Risk of Obesity

Sugary foods come with a lot of fructose and this increases your risk of obesity. Excess sugar has been linked to obesity as it increases your hunger and desire to eat more food. Also, when you consume too much sugar, a key hormone in your body, leptin which regulates hunger and also tells your body to stop eating, becomes less effective making you eat more.

5) Sugar Can Greatly Hamper Your Body’s Immune System

The harmful effects of sugar is also seen in its relation with your immune system. Sugar weakens your immune system and it does this by competing for space with vitamin C. The result of this is your body’s inability to fight off diseases as easily as it would if your immune system was in top notch and functioning optimally.

is sugar harmful
Is sugar harmful? More harmful effects of sugar

6) Sugar Accelerates Aging

Sugar also makes you age faster through a process called glycation. When you consume too much sugar, this fructose binds to the proteins that build and keep your skin elastic, making your skin becomes slacked and wrinkled overtime. It’s also been known to cause hyperpigmentation and saggy skin, two more reasons why you should stay away from it.

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7) Sugar Causes Hair Loss

Excess sugar also determines how healthy or otherwise your hair is. Since hair follicles get affected by the type of food we eat, consume a balanced diet, one rich in protein and your hair will show its gratitude for this. In the same light, there are foods that are known to cause hair loss and sugar is one of them. Too much sugar is bad as it damages hair follicles and when you take in too much of it over time, the result is hair loss.

Other foods that cause hair loss include high-mercury fish, lots of fried foods, food additives, alcohol, caffeine, foods high in selenium, and foods high in vitamin A.

Here are Some Other Harmful Effects of Sugar

Other harmful effects of sugar include:

  • It puts you at risk of cancer.
  • It increases your risk of anxiety and depression.
  • Sugar also increases your risk of an acne breakout
  • Eating a poor diet, especially one high in sugar will drain your energy.
  • It also increases your risk of one or more heart-related diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people take in less sugar to avoid health complications as well as live healthier lives.

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