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International Women’s Day 2020: Campaign Theme is #EachforEqual

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International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme is #EachforEqual

International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated on March 8th of every year, is just two days away. It is a worldwide event that has been earmarked to not just highlight and celebrate the cultural, economic, social and political achievements of women around the world, but to also voice out the gap we still have to cover in the fight for women’s rights and complete gender equality.

The United Nations (UN) has made the International Women Day a focus day for both women’s rights and world peace. This year’s campaign has been themed #EachforEach and highlights the need for equality in all sphere of life.

international women's day 2020
international women’s day 2020

However, while seen as a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of women, this day goes a step further to promote and focus on equality and unity especially in a world where the gap and injustices between women and men continue to grow.

The day also promotes demonstrations and protests that are aimed at furthering gender equality. In some countries the day has become an event to express appreciation for women in general, similar to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In some eastern countries the 8th day of March is set aside as a public holiday.

Over twenty countries allow their staff take this day off work, while three other countries allow female staff take the day off work.

international women's day 2020
international women’s day 2020

5 Ways to Celebrate the International Women’s Day 2020

1.Send a Heartfelt Email to a Female Colleague

Just to let her know her contribution is felt and how much of a wonderful person you think she is. Everyone needs a cheerleader every once in a while and you can be hers.

international women's day 2020

2.Spread the word about International Women’s Day 2020 Everywhere

Spread the world about this day and use the theme #EqualforEqual and #IWD2020 every time you do. The social media is a very powerful medium and you’d be amazed how far your reach can get when you make use of this hashtag and a few others. Join the conversation on twitter, Facebook and Instagram and lend your voice to the hundreds of thousands of women advocating gender equality.

3.Teach Your Daughters (and Sons) about International Women’s Day

international women's day 2020 #Eachforequal
international women’s day 2020 #Eachforequal

Let them know there’s a specific day that focuses on the achievements of every single woman around the globe and also aims for gender equality.

international women's day 2020 #Eachforequal
international women’s day

4.Take the Day Just to Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate you for the strong, wonderful woman that you are. You have come a long way; you battle scars as well as your happy moments make you that superwoman that you are.

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