I Need a Man: 7 Great Ways to Find a Great Guy

I need a man
I need a man
I need a man

I Need a Man: 7 Great Ways to Find a Great Guy

Some of the best and most successful relationships have happened when both parties weren’t actively looking; they were single one day, only to bump into the love of their life the next.

However, while we all dream of meeting our Mr. Right this way, it doesn’t always happen like this for everyone and some of us would have to put in some effort to see it work.

There are tips- call them tricks even- to finding a boyfriend handed down by our all-knowing aunts that have worked and will keep on working.

Do you need a man? Try these great tips then.

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1) Become More Confident

Confidence is catching. Most men say they would give an arm and a leg to be with a confident woman; a woman who is confident in her skin, strength, flaws, warts, and all.

However, it’s not always easy to develop this level of confidence. Life throws us way too many curve balls that we’re left struggling to stand on our feet, let alone being confident.

However, being confident is a must and if it’s something you lack, then you should make a very conscious effort to develop it.

Some good ways to build your self-confidence include:

Focusing more on your strengths while trying to minimize your flaws.
Ditching the habit of perfection. This is in no way supporting mediocrity, however, you should celebrate your every level and achievement, while you set a reasonable timeframe of attaining your goals.

Also, drop the habit of negative self-talk. You want to silence this inner critic every time it rears, as allowing it to reign never does anyone any good. Become your biggest fan because no one else will.

Celebrate yourself and often too.
Becoming confident is attainable and you will love yourself a lot more for becoming a confident woman.

2) Go Out a Lot More

There are women everywhere who bemoan their single fate, but still choose to spend most of their time couped up in a hole, away from single, eligible men.

While there are women who have met their partners this way- they are few and far between. To get found, you have to place yourself constantly in the path to be found; put yourself always within the sight of the kind of men you want and you will get found.

It helps when you go out on dates with your girlfriends, accept invites to get-togethers, hang out where these men hang out, take a longer route from work if it means you will meet your type of man – the idea is to stay visible – very visible so you can find the very best.

I need a man
I need a man

3) Put Words Out You are Looking to Mingle

Some women balk at the idea of letting others know they are looking for a man. To them, doing such would be tantamount to begging for a boyfriend which would be demeaning.

However, choosing to keep your mouth closed is reducing the chances of meeting great prospects.

There’ll always be that friend who knows a great single guy looking for a girlfriend. These are guys that have been vetted and known to be great partners.

You probably wouldn’t meet such a great guy at first try or might have to kiss a few frogs before you did. However, meeting a guy through a mutual contact would save you weeks in fruitless dating, not to mention the heartache of every failed one.

4) Maintain Your Standard, But Don’t Be Picky

Entering the big 30 without a meaningful relationship can see you dropping your standard some.

Some of us did; we felt we probably were too choosy, which was why all the great men were passing by. Then we met the cloned frog, were hurt, and went back to maintaining the same standard we started out with.

Finding a boyfriend works great when you have some standard, but you should also give a chance to most of the men you meet. Who knows, in hanging out with these men, you might find that great guy who didn’t seem like such a good choice at the beginning.

5) Smile a Lot

Have you ever walked on the street and saw someone wearing a beautiful smile as they approached you. Even if they didn’t look familiar, you found yourself smiling back and that’s because smiling is very infectious.

There’s something very attractive about a person who smiles and women are no exception.

Most men say they are attracted to women who smile. Plus, he might already be really into you but trying to summon the courage to come to you. Smiling a lot will more than encourage him to do so, a win-win for everyone.

6) Laugh a Lot

This works the same way smiling does. Like smiling, everyone is attracted to people who laugh a lot.

There’s too much pressure around us and a person in the habit of always laughing makes us forget the cares around us, even if it’s just for a while.

Men say there’s something sexy about a woman who doesn’t get weighted by the cares around her, but still sees a reason to stay positive.

I need a man fast
I need a man

7) Take Your Mind Off It

We’ve all seen that one girl who was so desperate for a man, she all but carried a placard to announce her wants.

Men can smell desperation a mile away and it’s never a nice fragrance. Half the time, men will avoid a woman who is desperate to have her hooks in them, even if they initially were interested in her.

The other half, most men would date a woman who is desperate just to get some, even if they weren’t interested in her.

Take your mind off finding a boyfriend and concentrate on just being yourself and having fun and before you know it, you will meet that great guy that will sweep you right off your feet.

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