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How You Can Grow Your Business Using Customer Feedback

by Muobo
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How You Can Grow Your Business Using Customer Feedback

It is becoming a lot easier to grow your business using both paid and free means. One of the best free ways you can grow your business is using customers’ feedback.

Running a business is tough, really tough. I get a lot of people walk up to me and go on about how they’d rather work for themselves as they don’t want to have to answer to a boss who probably is one from hell with a penchant for yelling always.

Then I tell them this:

Working for yourself is three times tougher and there’s twice the likelihood of being yelled at by your bosses(customers). So if you can’t handle the challenges that come with working for just one boss, then you aren’t ready for the cutthroat challenge of the business world and most likely will cave in when they spring up.

Unlike paid employ where you most times have to answer to just your immediate boss, in business you have more than one boss as every single client that comes through your business door becomes a potential boss.

Grow your business
Grow your business

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These people also come in all forms and shades; there will be the good, the passably ‘OK’ guys, and lastly, the downright nasty customer.

They will also have various ways of communicating with you. If your customer is happy with your product or service, he’ll let you know one way or the other.

Also, a dissatisfied customer will also show his dissatisfaction and one common way they do this is by being angry and yelling. If you’re really unlucky, which thankfully doesn’t happen often, you will get that customer who might even go physical.

However, here’s how you can get the best of such a situation when it comes up (and it will).

Grow your business

Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Using Customers’ Feedback

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A dissatisfied customer yelling doesn’t have to be a bad thing, if you see this yelling as FEEDBACK which can help you grow.

Here are Proven Ways to Help You Handle the Situation

  • Understand that the customer had the choice of:
    Keeping quiet but seething inwardly over his perceived view of your services. You should know that for every customer that voices his dissatisfaction, 26 others do not.

He could very well have chosen to go about letting people know about his dissatisfaction or taken his business someplace else.
Instead he didn’t. So the next time you’re feeling slightly cruised under the weight of these complaints, understand that he did you a solid by voicing them.

  • Never, ever get angry when your customer is angry, even if you believe you are right. Customer is KING and you need him to survive, not the other way around.

Even if you feel the anger coming on, put a tight reign on it and let him vent until he gets it all out, then proceed on ways to diffuse this anger and pacify him.

  • When he’s much calmer, you can go ahead to subtle point out how he could have misinterpreted the situation and how it really is.

If he is right, then use his criticisms and dissatisfaction to do and be better.

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Customer feedback is much more than it appears to be.

See his feedback for what it is: a good insight into your customer’s views of your services and a chance to be better. With this you know what your customers really want and used well, can retain them to your business.

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