How to Wean Your Toddler of Night Time Feeding

by Muobo
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For most mothers, feeding time can be a happy time, as it gives you ample time to be with and bond with your baby.

However, as happy as you are to carry out one of your motherly duties, it can get a little overwhelming, especially as babies have smaller stomachs and need to feed more often.

It gets a little more overwhelming at night when you are thorn between feeding your sweetheart and going back to sleep and most mothers look forward to the time they will wean their toddler off night night feeding.

If your baby is six months and above and you are looking to wean her, here are simple steps you can take to achieve this:

Four Simple Steps to Stop Your Toddler’s Night Time Feeding

1. Reduce Your Baby’s Food Portion Slowly Over Time

If you’re used to giving your baby a particular portion of food during her night time feeding, you should start reducing this a little at a time.

Reduce a little today and give it some days to a few weeks for her system to get used to this change before stepping the portion down again.

Overtime, she’ll get used to this new portion size and won’t feel the difference.

2. Change Her Food Type Completely

Next, change her food type completely to liquid. A good food idea to give at this time would be tea.

Since she’s used to eating small portions of food at night, she most likely won’t take the change badly and will adapt quickly.

Give her this liquid food for as long as possible before moving unto the final stage.

3. Ensure She’s Well Fed Before Bedtime

Ensure you feed your baby quite well before bed time, this way, she’s less likely to wake up crying for food at night.

It’s recommended you give her solids at this time so it holds her all through the night.

4. Stop the Night Time Meal Completely

With your baby eating a solid meal just before bed time, she can stay a whole night without having to snack in the middle of the night.

However, for some babies, the first few nights is still tough on them and they wake up expecting a meal.

If this happens, do not give in to her demands, hard as it may be. Instead, try to calmly soothe her back to sleep.

Be prepared to do this for a few days and soon, she will adjust to this new development.

However, if the crying continues for up to a week, you might want to go back to feeding her at night and try again after a week or two.

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