True love ways

How to Tell If What You Have is True Love

by Kamara

How to Tell If What You Have is True Love

We’ve all been in this situation; you meet a great guy, sparks fly, feelings run deep, and before you know it you are both an item.

However, a few months or a year into your dream relationship, life happens, and before you know it the once burning volcano becomes a faint ember that you have to fan vigorously to keep it burning.

You step out after realizing what you thought was true love Is likely infatuation at its best.

How then do you recognize true love? How can you tell this new love is it and worth safeguarding?

True love is hard to find and some people spend their whole lives without actually finding it. For a lot of others, it hits them smack right in the face, yet because they expect it to come clothed as something else, they miss it altogether.

If you are wondering if what you have is the real deal here are seven signs experts say will let you know if it’s true love:

True love ways
True love ways

1) You Feel Free to be Yourself

You feel free to be yourself, even at the very start of the relationship. These times are plagued by people putting the very best of themselves forward, wanting to impress the other to no end and convince them they are the real deal.

However, with you both, there’s a naturalness that transcends all superficiality. You are not just lovers but are friends on a deep level.

You don’t feel you have to be someone else to attract or keep their affection. You are you and this is enough for them.

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2) True Love Doesn’t Hurt

We all might be used to hearing love is like a double-edged sword that hurts as much as it makes us happy.

However, true love would never seek to hurt the other. Because you matter deeply to them, they will do all within their powers to keep you from hurt.

If it constantly hurts, then it isn’t true love, even if it looks like it.

3) You Feel a Sense of Calm Being with This Person

There’s a kind of calmness you feel being with and around this person.

It’s like being home; this person gets you like no one else probably has and you feel a kind of peace being with them.

If asked to explain why you feel this calm, you probably won’t be able to pinpoint the exact reason for it. You just know it is there and that it runs deep.

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4) You Are Willing to Put Each Other First

It’s not enough to profess love for each other. The true test of love comes when you have to make little compromises and sacrifices for each other.

Find out how willing you both are to make that slight adjustment that will make your relationship better.
It could be something as little as him giving up one of his sports reruns so you could watch a series, or you going along to a classic concert when classical music is not exactly your thing.

Being willing to put the other first shows what you have is much stronger than the fleeting emotions that typically characterize the dating world and worth hanging onto.

True love ways
True love ways

5) You are Committed to Their Growth

Beyond the romance and the butterflies, is something deeper; your commitment to each other’s growth.

You don’t just walk away when the initial high wears off (and it usually does after a while) but care for this person deeply so much so you are willing to see them become the very best version of themselves they can be.

Sometimes, you might need to come down hard, just to see them become better, but you don’t give up on them.

You don’t try to change him, however, you make him see the need and the importance of becoming better and help him attain this version and the best part is that this commitment is mutual!

6) Their Idiosyncracies and Weakness Don’t Put You Off

You aren’t exactly down with these weaknesses or faults. Sometimes they make you so mad, you want to scream your head off (or preferably theirs) however, you aren’t so put off you’d consider taking a walk.

You see and understand these to be part of his imperfections, something that makes him all the more human and worth loving.

You’d instead, be more focused on helping him work on these faults that will be limiting to his growth while accepting those that can’t be changed.

7) You Look Forward to a Future with Him

Each time you think of the future; of a wedding, marriage, and babies, you see him at the center of it.

You have your lives committed and intertwined and you can’t imagine the future with anyone else.

The future is filled with challenges and uncertainties. However, if you look at your partner and feel you can face whatever lies ahead squarely with him by your side, then you just might have gotten to a point in your relationship only a few people are lucky to reach.

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